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A trip to the beach with sunshine, a hill with stellar stars, and a field full of flower beds is a throbbing thought. Is that so? More and more people are enjoying the trip on holidays and holidays.

However, it can be a problem if you are living alone, or if all of your family travel together and leave the puppy alone at home. Some people think that once they travel with their dogs, it will be expensive, especially if they go abroad. A few cases of suffocating dogs brought into the airplane by stealthing the puppy on the shelf and people are increasingly reluctant to take the puppy with them.

Taking a trip with a puppy like this can be very anxious. Statistics show, however, that travel with puppies doubled from 2006 levels. Of course there may be risks associated with traveling with a dog, but you are choosing to have a holiday together rather than letting the puppy alone in the house and suffering loneliness. Now the vacation is for dogs as well as people.

Preparing for a trip with a dog

According to Patricia B. McConnell, an animal behavior researcher, the first question that travelers will ask is, "Is my dog ​​ready to go on a trip?" Many owners do not know if a puppy is ready to travel on road, sea or air.

It is therefore important to know the personality of the puppy before taking a trip with the puppy. Some puppies are afraid of strangers who behave differently in places with many people. And make sure the destination is appropriate for the puppy. Make sure the hotel or place you are staying is dog-friendly and that your puppy can stay comfortably and safely. Therefore, you should call the place where you will stay and ask for details.

Microchip and Carrier

In recent years, it has become possible to implant chips into the puppy's body. Microchips as small as a gallon of rice can be very helpful in identifying puppies. In other words, if a puppy is lost, it is more likely to find a microchip implanted in the body.

It can be overwhelming to have a carrier to carry a puppy so that the puppy feels comfortable. Especially if the dog has little experience of staying in a limited space. Therefore, you will need to gather information about where you are going to travel and then prepare the right kind of carrier for your dog. And you need to spend some time getting used to allowing the puppy to stay in the carrier during the trip. And you should put a name tag on the carrier to prevent it from being lost. You should also prepare your dog's medical records and toys to prepare for any problems that may arise during the trip.

Things to remember when traveling

Most owners will choose self drive or train trips if their travel destination is not far. Driving is the most common way to travel with a dog. Car trips have several advantages, including not only being familiar with the interior of the car, but also having no time constraints and no need to wait at the port or airport. And it has the advantage of being able to build a car at any time to feed the dog's bowel activities or snacks. On the other hand, if you are traveling by train, your owner will have more responsibility.

Flight can be a bit more difficult. Moreover, when the size of the puppy is large, there are more things to consider. According to the Connacht travel agency, the safest place for a puppy to stay is in a room where the owner can take care of the puppy. The requirements for air travel are the same as those for train travel, but the drawback is that the fees are higher. And before you go on a trip, you need your dog's medical certificate and travel record. When possible, it is good for dogs to go on a trip when the weather is sunny, such as spring or autumn.

In any case, a trip with a puppy can be a rewarding experience. But before you go on your journey, you will have to go on a safe journey.

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