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[Health] Adult Acne ‧ Youth is different from acne root … “Daily life care is most important”

Source: Pixar Bay

Acne was considered a "symbol of youth" in the past. But nowadays, people are suffering from adult acne due to excessive stress and high calorie intake. Acne is no longer a symbol of school days.

In adult acne, water balance is often not right. Therefore, use a mask pack or a moisturizing cream two or three times a week to moisturize and moisturize.

It is also important to manage it thoroughly from everyday life. You should drink plenty of water and try to get to bed before 12 o'clock. Cleansing is a cosmetic product that contains acne-specific cosmetics or natural ingredients.

Juvenile acne can be divided into various types, such as purulent and narrow acne, repeatedly appearing on skin with pores such as forehead, balls, and chin. Adult acne is in the U zone, but teen acne appears in the T zone, so it is important to manage the T zone thoroughly.

Blackhead removal products are used to manage the T zone periodically. It is advisable to get help from your dermatologist without having to hand over your acne.

Also, if you use only oily products because it is oily, it may become dry. Periodically, make a mask pack and balance the moisture.

Meanwhile, a dermatologist said, "If you accidentally touch or scratch your skin with acne, your skin will be severely damaged and you should be more careful in your recovery process."

"Acne occurs when the immune system weakens, such as stress, drinking, smoking, and physiology. It is important to avoid going out and have enough recovery time if you get a lot of acne."

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