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[Health] How to make fish collagen excellent for skin improvement and vitality of middle-aged people, and how to eat without side effects?


Recently, fish collagen is attracting attention as a health functional food that helps the skin elasticity and vitality to middle and old age. In general, the known amount of animal collagen is only 2% absorbed, while the amount of fish collagen is 84%. Learn about fish collagen, how to keep it, and how to consume it.

What is fish collagen?

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in our body that make up more than 30% of the body's skin, joints and bones. Skin collagen has a smaller proportion of molecules absorbed by larger molecules, the most representative of which is collagen polymer collagen. On the other hand, fish collagen is attracted more attention because it is absorbed into our body with very small low molecular weight.

What is the efficacy of fish collagen?

Fish collagen has a smaller particle size than meat collagen and has a very high absorption rate in the body. Fish collagen, which has a small particle size, is absorbed in a much larger amount than meat collagen as it decomposes in the body in the form of small molecules in the body after ingestion. By absorbing such a high proportion of collagen, it can prevent the loss of calcium and prevent cardiovascular diseases as well as improve skin elasticity.

Side effects of fish collagen?

The side effects of fish collagen are not yet known. However, if you consume more than 2500mg (2.5g) of maximum daily intake, it will be discharged out of the body.

How to eat fish collagen

Fish collagen can be ingested in a variety of ways. Because they are in the form of fine powder, they can be made by putting on juice, sprinkling on salads, bread or pastry, etc. If you are eating cereal every morning, it is recommended to eat it in milk.

How to keep fish collagen?

Fish collagen should be taken as soon as possible after opening, preferably in cool, dry or cold storage rather than at room temperature.

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