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[Health] Diet drinks, rather cause weight gain

Photo: Flickr

The diet drink may be an actual misnomer. Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners used in these beverages can cause actual weight gain.

The American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association have previously approved the use of artificial sweeteners and posted them on their respective websites in 2014.

A long-term study of the effects of artificial sweeteners by researchers at the University of Manitoba, Meghan Azad, suggests that sugar substitutes are vague in weight management.

Those who consume foods or drinks with artificial sweeteners were more likely to have cardiovascular disease due to increased BMI.

Azad thought his body felt sweet and accepted it as sugar. Therefore, the reaction of the body is the same as when decomposing sugar. Researchers still find that the decision between artificial sweeteners and weight gain

Seeking a link but argue that people should limit sugar substitution.

According to the Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics, half of adults and 1/4 of American children eat artificial sweeteners daily, and daily intake of one or two dietary carbonated drinks has the same effect as water


William Cefalou, a senior scientist and senior researcher at the American Diabetes Association, said artificial sweeteners are still beneficial to people with diabetes. Caffelou explained that artificial sweeteners help reduce carbohydrates and manage blood sugar levels.

Cefalu added, "Randomized controlled trials of diabetic patients who can actually measure body uptake and adhesion are the most obvious."

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