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[Health] [early symptoms of pregnancy] 1 week of pregnancy If the symptoms are pearl count calculator · pregnancy tester use time · pregnancy


Early symptoms of pregnancy

If you have not been informed about your menstrual period, you should suspect the first week of pregnancy. First, calculate the date of pregnancy, ovulation, and possible pregnancy, learn how to use the pregnancy test machine, and check whether the pregnancy test is faded two lines to see whether the symptoms of early pregnancy. In addition, during the early pregnancy, you may experience symptoms of implantation, implantation. For the accuracy of the pregnancy tester, it is advisable to keep the urine test time and so on. Let's look at the symptoms of pregnancy as the cause of pregnancy may be caused by not giving birth.

Symptom 2 of pregnancy

Although it is not known at the first week of pregnancy, if you go to the second week of the week, the date of the date of the menstrual period is considerably overdue. In the 2nd week of pregnancy, about 2 weeks after fertilization, symptoms such as body aches and mild symptoms may appear. Misunderstand the symptoms of cold in the early pregnancy, pregnancy cold medicines may not be good for the fetus, so be careful.

Symptoms of pregnancy 3 months Symptoms 3 months of pregnancy Symptoms

On the third week of pregnancy, chest pain, tingling, and vomiting begin to appear. The amount of vaginal discharge can increase and symptoms similar to early menstrual pain can appear. After the fourth and fifth weeks of pregnancy, abdominal pain, abdominal pain and skin troubles can occur as in the case of severe menstrual cramps. Pregnant women may have bleeding during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, but the risk of pregnancy can be reduced by suspicion of early abortion and visiting the obstetrician.

The pregnancy outbreak period is about four months from the time of pregnancy to about 20 weeks of pregnancy as the stomach becomes hard, you can easily check the appearance of pregnant women.

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