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[Health] The pain of digging toe, ‘Resistant toenail’ method and ‘Resistant toe self treatment’


The resistant toenails are also called ingrowing nails. Resistant toenails are one of the most common toenail diseases that occur primarily on the thumb nail, causing the nail to digest into the flesh and cause inflammation and pain, which can be triggered by any situation in which the nail continues to press the flesh outside the nail. .

Particularly when cutting the nail outside of the nail with a nail cutter, the uncut claw fragments hidden in the flesh can penetrate the flesh, and when the claw has been deformed by a long time to leave the toenail athlete's foot, when the tight-fitting shoe is worn for a long time, It is likely to occur due to an increase in internal pressure. As the obesity and aging progresses, the nail may naturally develop in the bending of the nail, and genetic factors are also considered to be significant.

What are the symptoms of an introverted claw?

When an ingrown claw is developed, the pressure is greatest when walking or running, and swelling and mild pain may occur as the outer or medial side of the big toe becomes slightly red. Continuous pain can cause swelling and shedding. In addition, granulation tissues (inflammation, blood vessels, fibrous tissue proliferating masses) multiply and around the claws begin to swell, and the smell can be severe, and the pain can become severe, making normal walking difficult.

How is the resistant claw treatment?

Resistant toenail therapy can be treated without the need for an intractable toenail operation by inserting a cotton pack or a dental floss between the corner of the digging ingrown toenails and the flesh below the ingrown toenail dermatologist. If you need an intractable toenail operation, remove the side of the digger's toenail and remove the wrinkles from the toenails that cover the stomach.

In order to prevent recurrence, the fingernail plate is cut longitudinally and the claw base material is cut off or high-frequency electrocautery is performed. There is a method of treating tolerant claw self-treatment by purchasing a commercially available resistant claw self-healing self-healing device and by using resistant claw correction.

Immunity Claw Control Act

Avoid even wearing shoes as much as possible, putting your toes in clean, clean saline and disinfecting your toes thoroughly. When cutting a nail, putting a nail clipper deep into both sides of the claw to cut it short is a risk factor that causes it to grow with the claw. It is good to cut the claws to the date.

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