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[Health] “Early symptoms of pregnancy?” .. If you are not physiological, “Symptoms of the first week of pregnancy” and “When to use the pregnancy test machine” confirmation


If you do not have any premenstrual syndrome even though you have not been through the menstrual period, you should try to calculate the number of weeks of pregnancy through the gestational week calculator or check the symptoms of the first pregnancy and the first week of pregnancy. Find out more about pregnancy, including when to use the correct gestational tester and when to get pregnant.

Symptoms of pregnancy implantation and timing of pregnancy

If the idea goes on, you may experience a gallbladder that feels like you are pulling a tummy or a small amount of gallbladder. A week later, a small amount of implantation blood is available temporarily, which is suitable for the timing of pregnancy test.

Symptom 1 of pregnancy

There are differences in the early symptoms of pregnancy and the timing of pregnancy. The first week of pregnancy is very small, so it is difficult to recognize pregnancy symptoms, but if you are a sensitive pregnancy woman, you can check pregnancy with some symptoms. The most common symptoms are menstrual cessation. In addition, secretions and pregnancy can be seen in the first week.

Symptom 2 of pregnancy

It is possible that the reason for not having menstruation even after the date of the menstruation has passed is the second week of pregnancy. In the 2nd week of pregnancy, 10 ~ 14 days after fertilization, it is necessary to be careful about abuse of drugs which can easily cause misunderstanding of cold or other illness due to body aches or fever, which may adversely affect the fetus.

Symptom 3 of pregnancy

When you get pregnant on the 3rd week of pregnancy, symptoms such as vomiting, furrowing, chest pain, and early pregnancy symptoms appear when the amount of vaginal discharge is greater than usual, freckles and spots can occur on the skin. In the early 4th, 5th, and 6th weeks of pregnancy, the uterus expands and may be accompanied by lower back pain.

Symptoms of pregnancy 3 months

At 12 weeks of gestation, bleeding may occur rarely at 3 months of gestation. At this time, it is better to ask the obstetrics and gynecology department to reduce the risk of miscarriage, rather than handing over to illegal bleeding unrelated to fetal health. From 4 months after the pregnancy and 20 weeks after the pregnancy, the stomach becomes hard and the pregnancy can be easily distinguished by the naked eye.

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