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▲ Boy crying (Source = Public Domain Pictures)

A man has a strong perception that a boy should be strong, like saying that a man should be born and cry only three times. Is this kind of child care right? How can a boy who is forbidden to cry express his feelings?

It's okay to cry.

"If parents do not teach their boys that it's okay to cry, the child will be depressed of his feelings and will not learn how to deal with him in a mature and healthy way," said Dr. Clinical Psychologist Zerivborn Rob from the UK. The ability to do things, the relationship, and mental health. "

▲ Crying child (Source: Pixar Bay)

Crying, healthy and natural emotional response

Dr. Bornborn pointed out that "modern men are educated not to express their grief openly, and that they do not have enough role models to direct their emotions." This means that it is okay for parents to cry for the growth of their son, and keep reminding them that they are healthy and natural emotions. Therefore, parents should teach their son to cry to relieve stress.

The researchers studied tears that shed when people were sad. Tears produced stress hormones and helped them to release the body's natural analgesic agent, leucine enkephalin.

Boys are at high risk for depression before puberty

University of Kentucky developmental psychologist Christina S. Brown said boys often feel sad feelings more often. Dr. Brown said he could feel sad for a short moment, but this is a natural phenomenon. So if you teach boys that it is not good to express sadness, then boys are more likely to be depressed than girls.

Inhibit intimacy formation

The authors Susan Morris Schafer and Linda Perryman Gordon said that parents and children should find ways to communicate. If the child does not want to talk, the parents do not fully know their son. Schapper and Gordon explained that boys do not get along well, so they do not get a sense of intimacy, which hinders emotional growth. As a result, parents must live without knowing part of their son.

Therefore, if the parents speak less and listen much, the children will come to their parents.

▲ father and son talking to each other (source = Pixar Bay)

Boys express emotion with anger

Brown explains that if parents teach their son not to cry or express sad feelings, they show aggression because they do not evaporate their feelings. This is because the acceptable behavior for a boy is in the form of anger.

If a boy feels more comfortable expressing anger than crying, he or she should be taught how to manage anger in a productive way. For example, let's run around for a while or have a break for a few minutes. Dr. Bop said he should teach parents how to respect their son.

Parent as role model

If parents want to raise their son emotionally healthy, they should become role models for their children. That is, children need to deal with their emotions first because parents learn to behave more than they say.

So it means you have to cry to the child and know that crying is a normal reaction.

A child's tears in response to disappointments or sad situations can be a strength, not a weakness. It is because there is courage to face all emotions.

What if I do not have a father who can give me a role model in my home? Dr. Bop said he needed to create a mentor. A grandfather, a grandfather, an uncle, etc. can become a mentor for a boy.

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