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[Health] Foam roller, let’s escape the curved shoulder with the wall press

Source: Pixar Bay

Running a long time, using a computer for a long time, or lifting heavy objects may result in shoulder clumps or rounded shoulders.

According to an article in the online health media Pay Assists article, sitting for long periods of flexion can put strain on the muscles between the shoulder wings and neck, and can cause back pain, neck pain and shoulder muscle pain by over-flexing the neck forward. The following is a preventive measure against muscle aches that Payne assists.

1. Do not be in a bent position for a long time. If you can not avoid this posture due to the nature of the work, you should occasionally get up and do not forget to stretch.

2. Do not exercise hard. Do exercises that can prevent back pain, but refrain from overblowing shoulders.

On the other hand, the following movements can be attempted to straighten the curved shoulders.

1. Wall press exercise method

Wall presses are indoor exercises that can be done without a home bar or home training equipment. Hold your palms up slightly above your shoulders while hanging from the door, put your hands on both sides and let your feet forward.

Hold your hand and push your chest forward. Is the chest, chest area, shoulder area expand enough? Repeat when you feel it.

2. Foam roller exercise method

Foam roller exercise is a home exercise device that is ideal for resolving scoliosis or turtle neck syndrome. Using a foam roller, lift your hips up high and slowly, placing all your weight on the foam roller.

Slowly push the foam roller back and forth with your back on the back. Also, avoid a bad posture that creates a curved shoulder.

If this effort does not alleviate long-term shoulder pain, you should visit the pain department and get professional help.

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