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[Health] Most effective exercise to remove body fat

Source: Pixar Bay

Modern people 's diet contains excessive fat. Depending on the amount and type of fat, most fats are harmful to your health. For example, eating hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes can have a bad effect on your body because you are over-consuming fat and sugar. To maintain health, you should limit the type and amount of fat you ingest.

In addition, exercise should burn body fat. According to experts, exercise should start early. According to a survey of 500 people at the Mollen Clinic, Arizona Prevention Medical and Health Center in the United States, 75 percent of those who exercise early in the morning continued to exercise. Those who exercise relatively late in the morning or in the afternoon did not. It is because there is no excuse to exercise when you start the day with exercise.

The only excuse is that I slept late in the morning. However, if you set several alarms, you can avoid morning exercises. Morning exercise not only helps burn body fat, but also allows you to concentrate on work. According to a study by the University of Illinois, a 20-minute focused aerobic exercise improves cognitive function and comprehension.

It's a good idea to do power walking during daytime activities. A study by the University of Georgia found that walking for 20 minutes increases energy consumption by 20 percent and decreases by 75 calories. It is a good idea to go up two steps at a time to get up and down the stairs. When a great deal of power is applied at high speed, muscle fibers are activated and consume more calories than slower exercises.

When eating high fat foods, you should choose a healthy diet. For example, refined carbohydrates, such as wheat flour or white rice, reduce intake of food and increase the intake of antioxidant-containing foods. When eating cheeseburgers, french fries, and soft drinks with bacon, only eat burger patties and bacon, and do not consume bread and soft drinks. Instead, add a salad to balance the nutrition.

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