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▲ Swiss Ball Squat (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

When exercising for body management, it is good to aim at specific muscles as a target. It is because the muscles are intensively exercised to improve the effect of shaping the body line by exercising by dividing by the part. It is common to have a squat or lunge for a sagging butt, but it introduces the "gluteus maximus exercise" which is a better exercise than a squat.

▲ gluteus muscle (source = pintorrest)

What is gluteus maximus?

The gluteus maximus muscle is a muscle that still feels unfamiliar. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the buttocks and the largest among the dumbest muscles. It is a site where an injection is often placed on the hip. Various blood vessels and nerves flow under the gluteus maximus.

▲ gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the dumbbell (source = Flickr)

What is the function of gluteus maximus?

The gluteus maximus pulls the leg backward. Pull the pelvis and trunk back and hold it straight. Therefore, this muscle plays an important role in upright walking.

▲ Cycling myocardial strengthening movement (Source = Flickr)

Glutamus strengthening exercise

When the gluteus maximus is exercised, it not only becomes a hip-up but also acts on other fat muscles to create a solid lower body line. Exercises to strengthen the gluteus maximus include step-up, weight lifting, squatting, and strengthening myocardium.

▲ Step-up exercise (source = Johnson Air Force base)

What is good about strengthening gluteus maximus?

Strengthening the gluteus maximus can make you feel weak and stiff in your stomach buttocks, and it can look like an apple heap. Exercise such as dumbbell gymnastics and gruel activation lunge helps to develop hip muscles. It is also good to carry out aerobic exercise while doing strength exercise. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends strengthening myocardial muscle for 150 to 300 minutes a week, but it is better to take a proper rest to avoid overwork rather than to overdo it.

▲ When the dumbbell strengthening exercise, the hip becomes elastic (source = Dice Air Force base)

How to exercise hip

When exercising to train the hip muscles, other muscles besides the hips are also trained. For example, when you are pushing your buttocks, the gluteus maximus gets strength. Linda Weiner, a Philadelphia Correctional Exercise Specialist, recommends using a barbell with her hips up. In addition, dead lifting can stimulate the dull muscles more than other exercises, making it a resilient hip.

If you want to burn fat while exercising in high school, I recommend doing a sprint interval exercise. This exercise can be done on a treadmill. For sprint interval exercise, you can alternate between short-range running and jogging.

▲ Crunch movement (source = Wikimedia Commons)

Why do you have to exercise your hips?

The largest bones in our body are the hip joints with pelvis and thigh bones. It is important to perform hip joint exercises, such as sit-ups or lifting legs, because the hip joints perform basic physical activities such as sitting, standing, walking, and running.

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