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[Health] Snoring, Sinusitis Induced Nasal Septal Degeneration

Nasal septum is a cause of nasal bending and nose disease. Source: Pixar Bay

People who suffer from chronic nasal obstruction, nasal flexion, or nose problems should once suspect that they are not nasal seizures. Nasal seizure is a nasal septum, which is a wall that divides the nostrils into two, which causes the nose to malfunction. Symptoms such as sinusitis, rhinitis, and snoring can occur.

◆ Nasal Syndrome Causes and Symptoms

Since the face of a person is not perfect symmetry, there is a slight difference between left and right. Nasal septa may also be asymmetric. However, asymmetry of functional problems may be due to inherent developmental malformations, but it may be due to factors such as nose flexing due to a physical shock to the nose or incorrect sleeping habits.

Patients with severe nasal seizures have a problem that they become mebricos or bend their noses because the nasal septum is overgrown, which is caused by the nasal bone being lifted. If you do not correct it, there may be problems in appearance, but you may have to undergo external correction at the same time because the growth of nasal septum may become worse.

◆ Significance of treatment and nasal seizure side effects

Surgical correction is the most effective method when the nasal septum is bent. If the degree of curvature is severe, it is sometimes necessary to cut the flesh that has grown between the curved cartilages. Since cartilage is an organ that is not easy to regenerate, hospitals performing nasal septal surgery should be aware of and determine the best place for nasal septal surgery. In addition, when performing the outpatient correction or molding together, the nasal septum insurance is covered by the health insurance, but the outpatient correction is limited to the health insurance.

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