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[Health] [How to get smaller] If you want to know how to get rid of face swelling, swelling,


If you have a tired or wrong lifestyle, your face will swell. Swelling of the face may deteriorate the aesthetic elements but it means that the blood circulation is not good. It is better to subtract the swelling of the face as much as possible. Let's find out how to get a simple face swelling at home and swelling a good meal and massage.

How to remove facial swelling

If you have a swollen face in the morning, take a spoon that has been placed in the freezer for about 10 minutes. With the same principle, the ice pack also helps to remove facial swelling. You can calm the swelling by lining up the ice book as a whole along the face line. Alternately, cold water and warm water alternating with water can make it easier to swell the face. It is good for blood circulation and it is good for puffiness because it contracts pore. There is a way to stimulate the face with a shower, but if the strength is high, the skin may be damaged, so do not over-stimulate the skin.

Face swelling food

A typical example of swelling is pumpkin and beans. Pumpkin improves kidney function to help deficiency, poor circulation and swelling. In fact, a person who has had a childbirth or plastic surgery to eat pumpkin to remove the swelling. The soybeans also help to circulate blood and to release unnecessary moisture in the body. In addition, there are △ Yulmu tea △ Americano △ green tea as a car to remove swelling. First of all, diuretic action can remove the swelling. Also, drinking a glass of americano in the morning helps to remove swelling. Also, taurine contained in green tea has the effect of soothing the skin, which is good for relieving the swelling.

Meridians massage to remove facial swelling

Recently, meridians massage, which removes swelling through blood circulation, is popular. Among them, facial meridian massage not only cleanse blood due to blood circulation, but also breaks cellulite, so many entertainers are also receiving. There is a golf ball massage at the facial meridian massage that is simply done at home. It uses a golf ball to massage the lower part of the cheekbones and the chin. You can also massage the neckline by stimulating the chin to shoulder. Also, using both hands to sweep the collarbone from the jaw through the neck is one of the massage to remove the swelling of the face. There are many facial massages on the market.

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