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[Issue] Evolution of mosquitoes, resistant to pesticides


According to a new study by Riverside University at the trending palaeitology, the Anapelle species mosquitoes evolved from insecticides to protect the mosquitoes and larvae.

This study shows that adaptation to harmful environments such as the persistence of Anapeles mosquito species to insecticide resistance is a major problem in preventing certain diseases such as malaria.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2015 there were about 212 million malaria patients worldwide and an estimated death toll of 429,000 people worldwide.

Dr. Collins Kandem, an entomologist at the University of California at Riverside, said research should explore the genetic capabilities of Anopheles sp. To develop a new prevention of malaria.

"One of the biggest obstacles to the eradication of malaria is the tremendous diversity and adaptability of Anopheles mosquito species. Therefore, a better understanding of genetic, behavioral and ecological factors based on the ability to evolve tolerance is the key to controlling this disease, "Kandem said.

Kandem also said mosquitoes are an important problem in preventing their adaptation and genetic diversity from changing their genes to evolving into insects resistant to pesticides.

In this study, research on the effects of insecticide use to combat mosquito-borne diseases and how mosquitoes respond to insecticides can be a crucial way to develop a powerful and complete method.

"With the advent of mosquito-borne diseases such as chikas, Kandem is implementing or planning to implement large-scale vector control strategies in many countries. One of the most urgent requirements is to fight against the resistance of mosquitoes using evidence-based monitoring. "

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