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What if you feel that one day is late but one month is fast and one year is going too fast? It may be evidence that you are old. If you have fewer days to live than you already have, but you still want to live longer, let's follow the habit of the Jinsu-chin people, often called Bluezone.

World Blue Zone

A blizzard often refers to an area or place with a high average life expectancy, usually in the 80s to 100s. According to Rafael Puyol, who conducted studies on the blueson based on the demographics of the early 20th century, the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica, Loma Linda in the US, Loma Linda in Greece, Icaria in Greece, ), And Okinawa (Japan).

People living in these areas had a higher percentage of the population living longer than their average life span, with interesting features in each area. For example, in the case of Rome Linda, there was a Seventh-day Adventist who was known to live about 10 years longer than the average life expectancy.

Longevity, what is the secret?

Maintain regular and strong physical activity

Nutritionists, demographers, epidemiologists, anthropologists and doctors have begun research to explore the secrets of the Blue Zones. According to the study, led by Dan Buettner, a researcher of world-renowned livelihoods, one of the common elements in life style and diet of longevity people was maintaining regular, intense physical activity. In these areas, there are few static and sit-down habits.

▲ source = lightpoet

Worth living

Ikigai is a word in Japanese. It means rewarding for living, and for those who live long enough, Iki Gai was the reason to wake up in the morning. This is also the reason for what they do and why they exist.


Habits of news are also the factors that make them longevity. The news, especially for the people of the blueson, was a very common concept: if 80% of the maximum amount to be eaten per day had already been filled, it would not continue to eat. Especially in Okinawa, Japan, many people have been doing this. In fact, they control the Body Mass Index (BMI) to be between about 18 and 22, which is in contrast to the average BMI of American adults between 26 and 27.

Encourage healthy habits

Blue Village people also actively participated in social gatherings. Meetings are groups aimed at encouraging and promoting healthy habits in general, which indicates that eating habits and diet have a significant impact on the human social environment.

In this regard, social scientists Elizabeth Barnett and Michele Casper explained that the human social environment encompasses both the actual physical and cultural environment, and the social relations that people have. They also emphasized that the child's eating habits are formed by their parents through their books, which parents say they feed their children what they think are healthy and that their parents' thoughts and opinions are shaped by society. It is likely that parents will pass on this diet to their children if they are vegetarian. Also, in relation to how society affects people's diet, I have heard the popularity of fast food that is raising obesity rates.

▲ Source = Halfpoint

Consumption of fish, meat and dairy products is low

The blueson people also ate meat, fish, and dairy products. But the priority is always based on a vegetarian diet.

A solid relationship

The formation of strong and strong human relationships and bonds with family members, such as brothers and sisters and their parents, also served as a factor in making them live longer. I have maintained a good relationship with other people besides my family.

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