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[Health] Acne and Blackhead Removal Men’s Skin Care Act


As interest in self-management has increased, more and more men are doing skin care. However, if most of the things on the market are for women and you are hesitant to pay big bucks like entertainer skin care, let 's know and practice natural man' s skin care method.

Facial troubles such as acne, white whiskers and black spots are enemies of healthy and elastic skin. If you have these symptoms, it is likely that it has been caused by your eating habits, lifestyle and skin care habits. Introduce habits to manage your skin in your life to make your skin healthier and more resilient.

1. Drink green tea

According to the Florida Florida dermatologist Andre Caboio's column on Real's health topic, a good way to reduce red spots on your skin is to drink green tea on a regular basis. Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is anti-inflammatory and soothes skin, prevents collagen breakdown and prevents wrinkles. However, drinking hot tea is useful because hot drinks can aggravate skin flushing.

2. Reduce stress

Although it is not easy to reduce stress, there are techniques that reduce stress in homes like yoga and meditation. Lisa Dofrio, an assistant professor of dermatology at Yale University, explained that stress levels can also increase the body 's production of cortisol, which makes the skin more oily and result in acne.

3. Dairy consumption is moderate

Donofrio's team has shown that milk, especially skim milk, can contribute to acne prolapse. Acne can also be obtained from organic milk, cottage cheese, instant meals and dairy drinks or sorbets. If you have severe acne prolapse, one of the best ways to improve your acne skin is to reduce your dairy intake first.

4. Fall from the sun

Even in the room, ultraviolet light penetrates the windows and creates wrinkles and spots on your skin. So do not worry about being indoors. If you can not avoid it, you can protect your skin with UV moisturizer or sunscreen.

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