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You can not get tired as you become helpless on everything at weekends with frequent night shifts and drinks. Burn out syndrome. I have a strong sense of self-esteem and high sense of accomplishment at work. I am confident that I am "confident in everything." I have already exhausted my mind and body energy. Let's look at the causes, symptoms, and solutions of Burnout, a chronic fatigue syndrome in modern people.

Burnout syndrome

According to a study published in the psychiatry journal World Psychiatry in 2016, Burnout Syndrome is defined as a psychological state that appears to be a long-term exposure to chronic stressors experienced at work. The most common reactions seen by people with this syndrome are excessive fatigue and powerlessness, lack of cynicism or cynicism, and lack of sense of accomplishment.

Psychologists Christina Maslach and Michael Leiter, who published the paper, explained that people will experience stress in social situations due to Burnout Syndrome. This is manifested by a mix of factors, including how one person, including himself / herself, perceives and responds to each other from a social point of view. Common symptoms of burnout syndrome include:

1. Chronic Fatigue

Once you are mentally or physically tired, this is an early stage of burnout syndrome. At this time, most people feel fatigued or feel lack of productive energy they can pour on. Since then, the mind and body are depleted, and the experience of falling out of the jeans becomes a reality, which can even spread to fear of the future.

2. Insomnia

When fatigue comes, you will also experience situations where you can not sleep well for a while. If this period continues, you will not be able to fall asleep easily even if you go to bed regardless of fatigue.

3. Decreased concentration and forgetfulness

As I can not concentrate on something, I can have a slight forgetfulness. This, in turn, affects your work, and you can hardly finish what you have accumulated.

4. Increased disease

If you lose energy and become tired and helpless, your immune system will weaken. This can lead to health problems related to immunity, such as a cold, flu, or infection.

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5. Physical symptoms

The most common symptoms that appear in the body are heart puffiness, gastrointestinal pain, and so on. Signs such as headache, dizziness, fainting, and difficulty breathing also appear.

6. Anxiety

Psychological symptoms such as anxiety, anxiety, and tension can be seen. If the syndrome continues, it can cause serious obstacles to working productively or exercising abilities.

7. Depression

If you feel that you are not doing your job properly, you may have feelings of despair and feelings of guilt. This is seen at an early stage, but if the condition becomes severe, it can rapidly fall into depression. It comes to the stage that thinks that existence is rather low that it is not existence. In this case, you must get help from an expert to overcome the symptoms.

8. Reduce appetite

Beyond skipping meals, you may not even need to eat at all. It does not feel like hunger immediately, and if symptoms continue, it leads to weight loss.

9. Anger

It is also important to be cautious in interpersonal relationships that they become more nervous and overreact. Afterwards, at work, even at home, you can show serious disputes and anger. If you do wrong, you may wield violence against your colleagues or your family. You should immediately alleviate the anger of your mind through consultation with experts.

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Vigorously again

Even if you experience symptoms of Burnout Syndrome like this, you can come back to your own full of energetic and energetic life anytime. Let's take a few suggestions from psychologists:

1. Express your feelings by writing a list of all the situations that cause anxiety, frustration, helplessness, and stress.

2. Write down how you can start a healthy routine, then change the situation or reduce stress.

3. It is also important to avoid new responsibilities or promises that can feel heavy and to learn how to say "no" when necessary.

4. Avoid time-consuming projects or tasks. Instead, it is good to find opportunities to restore your body and mind. It is just a break.

5. Participation in other professional groups or outside the business community will enable us to discover new things that we never knew before, such as new ideas and new perspectives.

6. It is also a good idea to find a support group that can help you. It does not have to be a professional treatment group treating the syndrome. It is important to be with people who can become your mentor or make friends.

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