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The American Mexican food chain Chipole is working to attract investors and customers, including developing new menus and implementing drive-through services.

The company added Koseo and Chips, which are the most requested menu of the customers, to the new menu.

With this announcement, customers were impressed with Chipore. Cipole has been afflicted with bad news in recent months.

Chipole worked hard to solve food safety problems last year. Strengthening training and paying attention to the hygiene of chain stores.

In mid-July 2016, a customer who had eaten at the Chipore chain store in Stirling, Virginia, was infected with Norovirus. Since then, the company has been affected by sick employees and said its company policy for sick employees is immature.

Later on, it was filmed with a video of a rodent falling from the ceiling at the Chipore restaurant in Dallas.

Chipole officials say they will establish comprehensive communication and training efforts to help employees understand and comply with food safety and employee disease rules.

"These rules are an unacceptable employment condition," said Steve Elschipole, CEO.

"Our hope is that the impact of the recent failure has disappeared within the next few weeks, and the marketing of NewMenuQuSo has been successful and the image of the restaurant has changed and customers are looking for our durables as often as before," said Chipole CFO John Haggorn.

Chipole has been rebuilding its business for two years after the food safety issue was first raised. Due to recent problems, share prices have fallen and store sales have declined.

In addition to the new Menusqueso, Chipore is testing options for new store technology and drive-through services in some areas.

The company has sold Queso in a test kitchen in New York and will add two more cities in August to test it.

Chipole's first drive-through restaurant opened in Ohio and the company is testing an order kiosk in 25 New York area restaurants.

But experts are not convinced that new menu development is sufficient to attract customers.

Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing and development manager at Cipole, said: "Many customers are disappointed with Cipore and are considering why there is a need to visit Cipole again. The launch of the new menu will be an opportunity to attract customers' attention again. "

Customer loyalty specialist Kate Hojensen said, "Restaurant customers do not want to pay for the company's apology or discount. They just want to be confirmed that this will not happen again. "

Others, on the other hand, think that Chipole is going in the right direction. "Testing new products like quesos and desserts, creating loyalty programs, and promoting on-premises catering are important ways to regain customers and increase customer numbers," said Dennis Lyon, a brand expert.

Investors seem optimistic about Chipore's future. Since its announcement on July 25, shares of the company have risen 3.5% in after-hours trading.

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