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[Health] Osteoporosis improvement and the best in women’s men’s diet … Learn about the benefits of ‘funeun’


It is also introduced on TV, and 'Furun Diet' Furun, which caused a craze for both sexes, started to eat from Northern Europe and dried plums. It is said that most female entertainers enjoy eating because it is effective not only on diet but also on skin beauty. Furun juice diet Let's look at the efficacy and side effects of furun that caused the fever, how to take it.

Purun's Efficacy

Furun is rich in dietary fiber, so it has a high satiety feeling, has a great effect in activating intestinal motility, and has an excellent effect in preventing constipation. It is good for the improvement of the bowel function by eliminating the sucking and discharging waste materials, and the boron ingredient in the furun is excellent for preventing osteoporosis. It is also good for growing children because it plays a role in strengthening bones. In addition, furun is rich in vitamin A, which is 8 times the apple. It also contains more than 20 times the amount of potassium, which has a great effect on cleansing and cleansing the skin. It is rich in iron and is also excellent for improving anemia.

Fulon side effects

Just as all the fruit is dried, sugar is also enriched. People with obesity, people with high triglycerides, people with diabetes need to be careful to take, and because of the high calories, overdose may not be effective in furun diet.

▲ Furun diet (dried plum diet) can be easily carried out with Furun juice (source = preculture)

How to consume furun

The easiest way to consume furun is to drink furun juice. Many products are available on the market, and the easiest way to consume is the Furun juice diet. However, if you want to consume furun other fruit, you can eat it through various dishes.

Furun rice making

Furun also eats rice. To make furun rice, each furun is divided into four quarters, and water is added to the glutinous rice. In addition to this, you can easily finish by adding almonds, pine nuts, and rice. The cooked rice catches the shape of the rice and applies sesame oil. It is common for nutrients to be destroyed by heat, but Vitamin K in furun is not easily destroyed because it is heat-resistant, and it helps absorption of digestion by softening the dietary fiber in the course of heat application.

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