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Gout causes tremendous pain in joints and skin. Source: Pixar Bay

Gout is a disease in which residues of uric acid are deposited in joints or surrounding tissues as the concentration of uric acid in the blood increases. These symptoms cause severe irritation of the joints and surrounding tissues. This inflammation tends to recur continuously, which can lead to joint deformations and subsequent inflammation.

Ventilation is more severe in the pain of the big toe area. Source: Wikipedia

Gout is more severe with higher age and higher serum uric acid concentrations. Gout occurs mainly in males, men are less able to remove uric acid in the kidneys, but the woman's ability to remove uric acid is maintained by the hormone effect until before menopause. Let's look more closely at early symptoms of gout.

Slowly coming gout, early gout symptoms

Gout symptoms are divided into four stages: asymptomatic hyperuricemia, acute gouty arthritis, intermittent gout, and chronic crystalline gout. Early signs of gout include asymptomatic hyperuricemia. In asymptomatic hyperuricemia, the concentration of serum uric acid is increased, but there are no pain symptoms such as arthritis, gouty nodule, and uric acid nephritis. Most of these symptoms are almost lifelong without symptoms.

Gout is initially uncomfortable, but as the stage gets worse, it causes severe pain. Source: Flickr

Acute gouty arthritis is the first seizure to occur after hyperuricemia, or kidney acupuncture occurs when the very painful arthritis symptoms occur. The first one is caused by the involvement of one joint, but the next one is the involvement of several parts of the joint causing pain. Involved joints become hot and red, swelling, and severe pain. In the early symptoms of gout, it is likely to be severe pain that you have not felt at all.

When intermittent ventilation occurs, the ventilatory seizure appears to be lukewarm for a while. However, after 6 to 2 years, he experiences a second seizure. If the frequency of seizures continues to increase, it becomes cyclic, invades several joints, and tends to last longer.

Gout tends to cause pain in the joints and surrounding areas. Source: Pixar Bay

A ventilatory nodule occurs after passing through a painless intermittent device. Ventricular nodules occur asymmetrically and ruggedly in the auricle, finger, toe, ankle, and knee. When this becomes worse, large nodules under the skin are formed with deformation of the joint tissue, and the shape of the whole joint is deformed.

Good food for gout and bad for gout

Gout is related to various factors such as hypertension and blood circulation. Therefore, from the initial symptom of gout, the blood circulation should be kept well. The best way is to eat foods that are good for gout. Low-fat yogurt and vegetables are foods that help greatly in blood circulation. These foods contain less purine to produce uric acid, which helps in gout.

Liquor, especially beer, increases uric acid, causing severe inflammation and pain in the gout. Source: Pixar Bay

Meat and meat processed products, beer, oysters, tofu, dried crab, squid, etc. In particular, beer needs to be more cautious because it can rapidly increase uric acid. Fructose in fruit juice is also a factor that makes uric acid high. I need to be careful.

Treatment of gout patients is similar to the treatment of hyperlipidemia. Maintaining and recovering normal weight is important, and it is best to reduce fat, meat, and sugar intake and keep alcohol away. Many gout patients are often obese, and it is necessary to regulate calorie and adjust weight regularly. When the body weight is increased, the concentration of uric acid may increase sharply. Especially drinking too much alcohol can cause hyperlipidemia, which may make hyperuricemia worse.

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