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[Health] Pistachio good for brain development, excellent for diet and skin beauty

Pistachio nuts help lower cholesterol and keep cardiovascular function healthy (Source: Pixar Bay)

Among many health foods, nuts such as cashew nuts, almonds, and pistachios are known to be especially good for brains and women. Among them, pistachios are especially good for skin beauty and diet, so many women are looking for snacks. Learn about the various benefits of pistachio, how to eat, calories and more.

▲ Pistachio nut growing in the pistachio tree, white flesh-free Puda (source = Pixar Bay)

Pistachio efficacy

Pistachio is rich in iron, so it has an effect to prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency. It is abundant in calcium and is excellent in preventing the growth of children and osteoporosis. In addition, Pistachio has the effect of lowering blood sugar and insulin levels and preventing diabetes, so people with diabetes are a lot of snacks. In addition, it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids to reduce cholesterol levels to prevent cardiovascular disease, and also helps in brain development. Compared to other nuts, it contains less fat, but it also helps to increase the satiety, so it helps diet. It contains a lot of vitamin nutrients and antioxidants to prevent aging of the skin.

▲ Pistachio calories are 30g to 170kcal (Source: Pixar Bay)

Good pistachio diet

Pistachio is a food that helps diet today, called skinnut. Pistachio's almonds contain the essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, but they have the lowest calories compared to other nuts. It is rich in dietary fiber and gives a feeling of satiety. It also reduces the triglyceride levels in the body. However, overeating can cause obesity rather than the recommended daily intake (30g) is recommended.

▲ Pistachio is recommended to buy small quantities, green and clear the better (Source: Pixar Bay)

How to Eat Pistachio

Pistachio nuts are usually taken from the shells and lightly ingested, but it is also increasingly used as a food or as a variety of foods. The most popular menu with pistachio is ice cream. You can eat it with ice cream, or you can often find a finished pistachio ice cream. If you want to use pistachio as a material, try making a pistachio cookie. Pistachio nut is rich in pro-vitamin A and E, so if you cook it with cookies, you can eat more delicious.

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