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The African winter rodent is a small rodent that looks like a squirrel. Some rodents are excellent as pets, but they are not ideal for families with children in Africa. This animal should be observed carefully because it can escape if chance occurs.

Wild african hibernate rats live in eastern Africa and southern Africa. In Africa, explain that wintering mice are surprisingly small squirrels. The African winter coat has a long, hairy tail that looks like a brush and the skin is very soft.

The body of the winter rats is covered with dark gray hairs and the belly is white. The skull is wide and flat, allowing for very narrow gaps and holes. And the male skull is slightly larger than the female. Therefore, if the females and males are of the same age, they can be divided into skulls.

The entire body is only 3 to 5 cm long and has a thick tail that is twice as long as the body. Because this animal is nocturnal, it is very active at night and mostly sleeps during the daytime.

The expected lifespan of African winter rats is 5-6 years. They must be at least two groups of sociable animals. When you start to grow together as a child, the same gender will get along well together.


These animals are very difficult to handle and are hard to tame. It is a pet that you can watch but can not touch. When a reliable breeder tame the handling from a young age, he can communicate with the owner. However, it should be noted that the animals are extremely fast, agile and very sensitive to light.

The tail of the winter rats should never be touched. This behavior can cause extreme pain, and the tail of the winter rat does not grow back.


This little animal is a master of escape and can escape even very small gaps. The best cage for winter rats is a glass water tank with a fine mesh cap. At the active night time, the top should be securely closed, as it can climb to the top of the cage. A 10-gallon water tank is appropriate for breeding two winter rats, and if you can afford it, it's a good idea to buy a 20-gallon tank to spare.

On the bottom of the aquarium, the bottom layer such as recycled paper or ash tree must be thickened. If the flooring is laid at a height of about 3cm, it becomes a comfortable absorbent layer.

Since the winter rats spend most of their time on the trees, they must have branches that can move up and down within the tank. You can play with rope or wooden toys. To ensure momentum, you should also prepare wheels for small rodents.

Nest boxes are also needed for the safety of winter rats. Boxes sold for small animals can be purchased and retrofitted. You can also install a cardboard material tube to hide or play.

This animal must maintain 70 ° F in the tank because it starts to hibernate when the temperature drops. In the summer, the winter rats can fall helplessly into hibernation if the temperature falls below the optimum temperature.

The helpless state is the same as the rebound condition, which causes the heartbeat and body temperature to decrease. However, the deep sleep state is maintained for half a day and soon becomes awake.


The wild winter rats eat a variety of foods including nuts, seeds, fruits, birds, and insects. Therefore, various food can be selected in the breeding state. Included in the diet of winter rats are seed mixtures, fruits, vegetables, and ripe eggs.

A seed mixture can be supplied daily, but there is no need to replenish seeds or nuts each time. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables can be fresh, frozen or dried. Fresh food served on the night and the next morning and food left unused should be removed to prevent corruption.

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