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[Health] [Plastic Surgery TIP] Nose re-operation, accurate cause of failure should be known without side effects


If you are uncomfortable or have side effects after having a nose surgery, then you should consider reoperation for nose. Nose surgery, how do you think to not fail again? Let's look at nose re-surgery side effects and how they do not fail.

Nose surgery side effects

The main cause of reoperation is artificial implants. Despite the successful completion of the surgery, there are many cases where artificial implants implanted in the nose or silicone cause problems and cause side effects. In addition, if you only focus on the height of the nose and excessively raised the nose, it may cause side effects, so it needs caution. In order to reduce these side effects, it is helpful to be treated in a nasal surgery well or in a more specialized nasal re-surgery plastic surgery.

Nose re-operation time

It is a good time to undergo reoperation for at least 6 months after the previous operation. It is difficult to perform precise surgery because the area of ​​the operation becomes hard from 2 to 4 months after surgery. Of course, reoperation may be necessary even before 6 months. It is good to have a surgery to remove as soon as possible if the implant or silicone is severely skewed to the naked eye or moves in the nose.

Nose re-operation costs and reviews

In general, nose reoperation is more expensive than the initial nose surgery, but if you choose a nose rehabilitation hospital, you can increase your satisfaction by checking your experience and know-how. In addition, it is known that the first postoperative method and failure factors performed according to the original nose shape, such as mabricco, bokko, and low nose, are thoroughly analyzed and the postcontrast reoperation is performed.

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