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[Parenting] The secret of a fish that can fly without wings

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

The ribbon fish, a kind of flying fish, is a flying fish that does not need wings. They do not use the tail fin used by other flying fish. Instead, the rice balloon fish moves 90 degrees around the body.

A recent study published at the Annual Meeting of the Experimental Biology Annual Association of Science shows the science of how rice ribbon fish fly.

Dr. Yoshinobu Inada of Tokai University said, "The other flying fish, including Japanese fly fish, have large pectoral fins that serve as wings and large tail fins that are used like the horizontal tail wing of an airplane.

Dr. Yoshinobu said, "But there is no such big caudal fin in ribbon rice. We rotate the back of the body 90 degrees to solve this problem and use the wide fins and tails as horizontal tail wings. "

Inada explained that the flying method is very smart. Ribbons To get better buoyancy and air to fly, you must twist your body at a certain angle as described by Inada. Most other flying fish do not feel this need.

Yonezawa Junji of the Tokyo Metropolitan Agriculture and Forestry and Fisheries Research Center, one of the co-researchers of this study, talked about why the unique characteristics of ribbon rice fish are so special.

Yonezawa said that, compared to most flying fish, Ribbons had demonstrated their evolutionary ability while facing different situations and environments. Ribbons have the largest number of vertebrae.

Scientists want to use their research knowledge of flying the ribbon fish to further improve and understand aircraft flight.

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