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[Health] [seasonal health care] Early symptoms of eye disease, duration of eye disease, how to heal eye disease quickly, why should not eye patients use eye care?


It is time for seasonal eye disease. The discomfort caused by eye diseases such as a narrowed vision and a foreign body in the eyes is beyond imagination. In the autumn, when the immunity weakened and the infectious vulnerability increased, I found out about the inconvenient eye disease. Early symptoms of congestive heart failure, duration of eye disease, and precautions.

Early symptoms of eye disease, infectious eye disease

Eye disease can be confirmed with the naked eye. Representative symptoms are redness of the eyes. The early symptoms of eye disease are also noted in the morning, before they become red-blooded. Pain is different for each individual. Symptoms similar to colds can also be associated with symptoms such as numbness of the object, foreign body sensation, tearing, fever, and headache. Eye diseases are said to be highly contagious. Apollo eye disease (acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis) and other pandemic eye diseases are highly contagious. Direct contact with eye disease patients is a high risk of infection. This is the reason why a group of infectious diseases such as eye disease epidemic, school, etc.

Eye Disease Period

Summer eye disease is prone to epidemics. Throat conjunctivitis, which is known as a 'cold', is especially prevalent in the summer months of the hatching period. Eye disease is also prevalent in the fall season when the immunity drops. The Chuseok holiday last year, patients with eye disease have surged. The epidemic conjunctivitis warning has been issued. As described, eye diseases are highly contagious and it is good to be careful about the things used by the patient during the epidemic.

How to Prevent Eye Disease, Eye Disease ... "Can I use it in eye disease?"

To avoid a highly contagious eye disease, you should abandon the habit of touching your eyes. Most eye diseases are not caused by the body, but because they are taken by others. Even if you have a virus that causes eye disease in your hands, if you wash your hands frequently without touching your eyes, the risk of eye disease lowers. In addition, after the hospital diagnosis, you should put eye drops, wash your hands after putting eye drops. Eye drops are 'quality rather than quantity'. If you put less than a lot, you should definitely let it permeate. Do not enter multi-use facilities such as bathhouse and sauna. Ice cream is effective in eye disease. Unexpectedly, eye disease is adversely affected. If you use the eye, you can not ventilate, and the temperature rises and the eye disease worsens.

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