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If you think of pet pets that are popular in social media these days, it's a unique look. This is not just because the pet's appearance is unique, but because it is a disorder that has to look like it.

One of the obstacles is Down's syndrome, which is controversial about the possibility that cats can have Down syndrome. Because there is no proven yet. In general, Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by having more chromosome 21 than the normal chromosome. These genetic factors lead to changes in the developmental process, leading to a number of related characteristics. This mainly results in physical characteristics, which impairs the growth of muscle tissue.

Regardless of the presence or absence of Down's syndrome, there are many cats that have been hindered by these genetic factors. And the fact that they have emerged as a star in social media gives us a lot of lessons. It can be adopted without being abandoned.

Unique and special friends

Pets that require special help due to genetic disability may require more careful care and attention from the caregiver because of physical disability and chronic health conditions. It is the role of the caregiver to be able to live a normal life together with the family, even if there is a problem of behavior due to the disability. Of course, the animals in the shelter are of special interest as well, as are those who are abandoned by their former guardian.

However, due to these special conditions, many animals are abandoned on the streets. The shelter is crowded with children waiting for a new family, and costs are increased. Some of the characteristics of animals that need special help include diabetes, incontinence, leukemia, and the like.

I'm uncomfortable but happy!

The disability element, however, is also inspiring and inspiring to humans. Because it lives happily in any difficulties and gives happiness and hope to a weary human being. Largely, it affects life. Let's meet these unique and special cats.

* Reelbub

Lilbub is a leading internet star that is already loved by many of the world 's LANN butlers. This little child was born with a peculiar toe, including dwarfism, and a more peculiar toe than the other animals, and went out of the world with a body much smaller than the other siblings. However, the teeth did not grow, and the pink tongue that inevitably protruded out of the mouth became a trademark of Lil Bub.

* Kenny

This white tiger is a very cute image and lives with love rather than fear. Suffering from Down Syndrome and falling into the world in 2008, is still remembered as an inspirational animal for online users. Kenny's health status is pointed out as a product of greed for the breeding industry. However, due to the care of the caregiver, I became more aggressive and friendly.

* Monty

Monty was born without a quantity, a nose. However, it is a supporter of caring for oneself and a fascination of joyful inclination to lead a happy life. Monty was adopted at the Animal Shelter in Copenhagen, an affectionate cat with no fondness to love and interest in the family. With its unique charm and cuteness, it is no different than social media.

* Shiva

Shiva, rescued from an animal shelter, is an unusual dog. Walking straight to the elbow. Fortunately, I am living a happy life when I meet a new family member.

What if you want to adopt a special child?

It is not good to go directly to shelter because you have a plan to adopt your children born with such special health conditions. First, it is desirable to make a final decision after examining some of the areas to be considered.

* Think twice more

It is recommended that you first go to a specialist or veterinarian and ask for advice about raising pets with disabilities. They are knowledgeable about specific disabilities and can give information about when and how to behave.

* Check the cost

Just because it is cute and lovingly caring does not mean that you can benefit a lot. From a practical point of view, it is good to make sure that you have enough room to cure your disability and get regular care. An animal can live a more painful life if it is not prepared for finances. In addition to the cost of adoption, it is important to understand that other products, including vitamins, also cost money.

* Responsibilities and Responsibilities

There are more considerations when raising special pets with disabilities. If you can not provide responsible care for yourself, it is just a neglect. Children with disabilities should not adopt if they can not give special help because they need more attention and love than other common children.

* Honest mindset

Let's ask the question to yourself again. Is not adoption just impulsive? Before you step into the shelter, it is helpful to check once again whether you have a genuine commitment to adoption and a willingness to go through all your difficulties.

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