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For weight loss, modern diets are also immortalized. A variety of diets such as the Dash diet, the Atkins diet, and the 30-day diet are becoming popular. In recent years, the only diet using air (air) to eliminate the overweight is a topic.

Air diet

The ultimate goal of the diet is to be able to maintain a healthier weight than it is now. Therefore, it is a common diet method to lose weight by eating regularly and regular exercise by eliminating unhealthy food and unhealthy eating habits. Unfortunately, not everyone is successful on the diet. Some have successfully reached their goals while others have failed or experienced yo-yo phenomena.

Diet such as overweight or obesity, which reduces the excess weight beyond the normal value, is drawing attention. If you use the air properly, it is effective in burning calories, preventing overeating, and controlling weight. In relation to this, according to The Banner of Staten Island University (CUNY) of the University of New York, the diet is encouraged by doctors, acknowledging the positive aspect of using air, (FDA) approval. The newspaper said the diet is easier to follow than boiling.

How to use the air diet is as follows.

1. When you start to feel hungry, you should not move. This can delay the hunger by keeping the body as much energy as possible. Body movements such as walking or standing require the body to eat and burn calories.

2. To minimize body movements, it is best to sit or stand still so that your body can relax. This eliminates stress and tension.

3. You can reduce your hunger by deep breathing deeply through your nose and blowing it through your mouth. It releases the idea of ​​hunger in the brain to the air.

4. The number of deep breaths depends on the degree of feeling hunger. If you want to buy snack streets, it is best to breathe 4-5 times at least. However, if you are just starting to feel hunger, two to three are appropriate. If you have been temporarily thinking of hunger with this deep breath, you can continue doing what you did again.

Unlike other popular diets, this air diet is characterized by the ability to follow anyone without being affected by calorie restriction. Also, there is no maximum caloric loss because breath burns more calories. In addition, air is a major component of the diet, artificial hormones, spices, and other chemicals are not used.

The adverse effects of an air diet However, air diets that seem to have this merit can also be counterproductive.

Delaying hunger or denying hungry thoughts with air can burn more calories than calories, but the way you pretend to eat your dish and eat it with deep breathing can have serious consequences It is intellectual. Here are some side effects.

1. Malnutrition: The body is made up of cells that require specific nutrients to function properly. However, if the body does not maintain nutrition, the cells die and can lead to delirium, body waste, and even death.

2. Eating disorders: Anorexia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, can be more prevalent among people who are on air diet. Even when the body is already suffering from malnutrition, it can suffer from food phobia, fear of overweight, and obsession with dry body.

3. Slowing metabolism: Of course, some slow metabolism may have benefits in longevity and health promotion, but if it works very slowly it can cause hypothyroidism. The disease causes thyroid deficiency, which leads to thyroxine deficiency. Thyroxine deficiency causes weight gain, fatigue and problems related to growth and development.

The air diet is believed to be somewhat stable in that it uses air rather than other diets that require a strict diet. However, for those who are extremely sensitive to weight loss, as mentioned above, it can be rather dangerous.

Experts ultimately emphasize that the most appropriate weight loss diet is ultimately a healthy diet consisting of high fiber and low fat.

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