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[Health] suddenly falling hair … Cerebral hair loss treatment and causes


There are many people who worry about hair loss recently. In particular, round hair loss is often caused by men and women, so I often find a hospital. I found out about hair loss for those suffering from hair loss.

What is circular hair loss?

Round hair loss is a type of autoimmune disease in which the hair falls out due to rejection of hair. It is a common disease that accounts for 2% of the patients visiting the dermatology. It is characterized by a sudden loss of hair in the shape of a circle in general. In severe cases, the entire hair of the scalp may come off.

Early round hair loss

Round hair loss usually occurs in adults and the elderly. Forty percent of people under age 30 with alopecia areata have family members diagnosed with similar problems. Not everyone is experiencing such a problem throughout their lives. People with thyroid disease, asthma, Down syndrome, anemia, vitamin deficiency, and high fever are at high risk.

Causes of round hair loss

Experts once believed that stress caused circular hair loss, but they could not prove it. Scientists still do not know what attacks the immune system. However, people with a family history of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 diabetes are susceptible to round hair loss.

Correct round hair loss diagnosis

You should visit a medical facility to check for signs of circular hair loss. The doctor tests to see if the patient has alopecia areata. The doctor diagnoses the disease by looking at the severity of hair loss.

Examining hair samples is an important test procedure. Scalp biopsies are performed to exclude other causes of hair loss such as fungal infections.

Round hair loss treatment

There is no known cure for circular hair loss, but proper care will help your hair to grow back or prevent it from falling further.

Treatment is medicated through a drug such as minocidine. This medicine promotes scalp hair growth. Alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, vitamin supplements, and herbal supplements are also worth considering. You should consult your doctor before attempting any treatment.

Good food for round hair loss

Spinach contains various vitamins and proteins to help alleviate hair loss. Nuts such as walnuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial to the scalp health by helping them improve their immune system and improve blood circulation. Black beans are rich in various nutrients and good for hair loss.

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