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[Health] Hand to toe statue, may be needed to treat poor circulation

The toe statue, which is a major disease in winter ▲ Source: Pixar Bay

The number of people looking for hospitals due to winter sickness is increasing at temperatures below -10 ° C. The typical hand and toe of frostbite in winter is exposed to skin at a temperature of minus 2 to 10 degrees Celsius, causing skin tissue to freeze and cause blood circulation disorder. Especially in severe winter colds, as well as toe statues, cold feet, Raynaud's syndrome, gout symptoms may appear, attention to skin health is needed.

The best way to avoid being caught in a statue

Causes on toe statue

The bronchial asthma is a disease caused by a failure to maintain blood circulation and body temperature in a cold environment. It causes vasoconstriction and edema, and cell damage and necrotic symptoms are present. It often occurs in peripheral nerves such as toes, fingers, ears, nose, and cheeks, and the skin surface becomes pale and the Buddha gradually develops pain and redness. Some toes may have tickling, blistering, and pitting symptoms. It is important to visit the hospital to treat the toe statue more quickly than if you have a fever or swelling.

Toe statue cure

If you have symptoms of suspected frostbite in your hands, ears, etc. with frequent frostbite with your toes, the first treatment is to go to a warm place and freeze the frozen skin. If your socks or clothes are wet, you should change into dry clothes, and you should take emergency measures to soak your lukewarm feet and keep your toes from sticking. Before going outdoors for winter activities such as snowboarding, skiing or skating, wear gloves or thick socks to prepare for cold hands and feet.

It is good to eat foods that raise the temperature ▲ Source = Pixar Bay

A food that warms the body

If you have a lot of outdoor work or winter sports, it's a good idea to wear sleeping pants, gloves, socks, and warm-up foods. The jujube is a warm-bodied food. Also, chicken meat, which is a warm food in meat, is also known as a good food for energy recovery.

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