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[Health] What is the cause and symptom of the previous episode of “epileptic” unfamiliar from the name?


What is brain metastasis and what is its cause?

The word epilepsy was changed to the term epilepsy because of the prevalence of social prejudice and stigma. Cerebral infarction is a condition in which neural symptoms such as stiffness, seizures, and loss of consciousness are caused by excessive excitation of the brain neurons. Diagnosis is made when repeated episodes of epileptic seizures occur despite no physical abnormality.

Even if only one episode of epileptic seizure occurs, if there is a change that can cause episodes of brain imaging, it is classified as epileptic. The cause of brain metastasis is caused by various causes. More than one third of the patients are thought to have a pathological change in the brain or a history of brain damage in the past. The main causes are stroke, congenital anomaly, head trauma, encephalitis, Brain tumor, hereditary, degenerative encephalopathy, premature infants, and damage before and after labor.

Symptoms and coping with epileptic seizures

Symptoms of epileptic prefrontal cortex are sensory abnormalities such as numbness and pain in body-specific areas, and the chest feels frustrated or numb. Fear, and reverberation, and even though it is the first symptom that occurs, the emotional abnormality and the confusion are increasing as experienced in the past. Prostate symptoms do not appear in all patients, and symptoms vary according to the patient.

Epilepsy can occur in all ages, and the causes of aging can vary. The treatment of symptomatic epileptic symptoms should wait until the seizure stops naturally, and it releases all the things that the patient can feel frustrated. Care should be taken to lift the patient to the side of the patient, to help the patient get rid of it, and to forcibly raise his hand during a seizure. After a seizure has stopped, you should be able to get enough sleep and rest.

The method of treating epilepsy

Most of the patients admitted to the hospital due to the first epileptic seizure are subjected to various examinations rather than immediate antiretroviral therapy, and if no abnormalities are found in various tests, they are monitored without medication. But if more than one epileptic seizure occurs, drug therapy is started. Although patients with epilepsy should be treated with drugs, if the epileptic seizures are not alleviated by drugs, a non-medication method such as surgery for epilepsy should be considered.

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