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[Health] [Hangover solution] When you drink in a bad case, by all means! 4 kinds of good food for hangovers


On the next day after a lukewarm day, I will declare a weekly hangover, but the way of drinking will be more effective than the way of drinking. In addition to water and water, hangover is the best solution to relieve hangovers. If you are looking for a hangover, a hangover, a hangover, or a drink, try restoring your condition to good food for hangovers.

1. Tomatoes

It is already known that tomatoes are good food for men's prostate. The reason why the tomatoes are good for the prostate is due to the 'lycopene' which is a lot of tomatoes, and this lycopene also helps the hangover. Tomato is also known as a good food on top of protecting the gastric mucosa damaged by excessive drinking. Best of all, tomatoes are good for diet that should not be removed from the diet. One calorie of tomato is low in 35kcal, and it is good as diet food.

2. Otori Muk

Oatmeg, which was considered only diet food, is also good food to relieve hangovers. Acorn mica of acorn mook helps relieve hangover and restores fatigue. It is a low calorie diet with a calorie of 45.6kcal (100g) and can be eaten without worrying about the diet the day after drinking.

3. Hollow Wood Tea

Hovenia is a hangover reliever that helps reduce liver damage from drinking and helps relieve hangovers. Fruit of the hinoki tree also has a hangover efficacy. It is also recommended to drink a hinoki tea if you are looking for good food for your joints and good circulation because it has a positive effect on relieving thirst, relieving brain and joint diseases, and circulating blood.

4. times

Eating pears, which are seasonal fruits in October, is one of the fastest ways to drink alcohol. Boat has excellent efficacy in relieving thirst and is good at relieving the thirst of drinking next day. The abundant fiber in the abdomen also stimulates intestinal motility, so if you are looking for a good food for constipation along with a hangover solution, I recommend boats.

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