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[Health] When you have severe menstrual cramps, what if there is no use? Women’s uncomfortable menstrual pain relief and good menstrual cramps


The menstrual cramps are caused by excessive distribution of prostaglandins, which cause menstrual discharges, resulting in contractions of the uterus and blood vessels. When the menstrual cramps are severe, menstrual cramps are recommended by the pharmacy, but most people do not have the pain even if they take cramps. Since the menstrual cramps are accompanied by symptoms such as back pain, headache, depression, and dizziness, when the menstrual cramps occur in daily life, they become stressful. It introduces everything about ejaculatory pain relief such as food, tea, gymnastics, etc., which helps to reduce the pain.

Food and tea for menstrual cramps

If the pain does not calm down with a cramp medicine, you can relieve the cramp caused by a good cramp or tea. Good food for menstrual pain include seaweed, ginger, pomegranate, banana, wormwood, and burdock. In particular, pomegranate is a fruit rich in natural estrogen, it has the effect of alleviating menopausal symptoms and preventing heart disease. It is also effective in relieving menstrual cramps by boiling tea with ginger, burdock, and mugwort, which are good for menstrual pain.

Good posture, gymnastics, acupressure for menstrual cramps

When the cramps are severe, you can lie down and take a bow posture or sit down and bow your waist forward. In the "butterfly stance" method, you can lay on the floor with your soles attached by pulling in on both feet. This posture strengthens the muscles inside the thigh (intramuscular) close to the uterus, reducing the menstrual pain and strengthening the uterus. There is also good acupressure method for menstrual cramps. When the menstrual cramps are severe, the masturbation can be alleviated to some extent if you try to play around with the blood of the menstrual blood just below the peach bone.

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