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[Health] Winter, making honey skin


Winter is the most difficult season for skin care.

In winter, the skin looks like it tears from the outside, but the heaters in the room are on all day, so the skin shrinks and relaxes irrespective of the type of skin. Therefore, the skin becomes more dry, keratinized, and is likely to become rough and rough.

How do we manage to make glazed honey skin in winter?

Moisture is essential

Skin hydration is the basic management required throughout the year as well as in winter. It is advisable to apply a moisturizer sufficiently to replenish the skin with sufficient moisture. If the skin is replenished with water, it can strengthen the barrier function and maintain the stratum corneum and protect the skin.

How to choose moisturizing products in winter

Even the person who did not apply the moisturizer because of the dryness of the extreme cold in winter is picked up because of the feeling of the grounding. Moisturizers help to provide skin with a lack of oil and provide a barrier to the skin because it helps the skin exfoliate uniformly. The oil in the skin plays an important role in preventing the evaporation of water by forming sebum membranes, so the water content is important as well as moisture.

In the winter, moisturizers should be chosen not as a light gel but as a cream type so that the moisturizing effect lasts for a long time.

It is also good to strengthen the skin lipid barrier using a functional moisturizer containing ingredients that restore skin barrier function.

Food to eat for honey skin

It is also important to supply water to the inside of the body if you use it to moisturize the skin surface. Experts always emphasize, "Drink water for moist skin."

Excessive drinking and coffee will diureise and take away moisture in the body, so if you want honey skin, you should avoid it. The appropriate amount of water for skin is 1-2 L per day.

In addition, eating vegetable oil is a skin care method. Vegetable oil has olive oil and nuts, and it is good for health because it is unsaturated fatty acid.

Winter skin care

Ultraviolet rays stay by us in winter. Sunscreens are essential cosmetics that you should wear whenever you go out. If you enjoy winter sports such as skiing and boarding, you should protect your skin by thickening sunscreen.

In winter, a warm bath is a pleasure. Drinking in warm water will relieve stress, but your skin will become more and more dry. Bathing should be done within one to 15 minutes a day to avoid skin dryness and irritation.

If you have a good winter, you can regenerate into honey skin because of its seasonal characteristics.

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