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[Health] Worry cold in winter, how to heal quickly

Source: Pixar Bay

A cold is one of the most common diseases of both children and adults. Dr. Joseph Mercola, an expert on natural health law, said, "In fact, children take about 6-10 colds a year, but adults take 2 or 4 colds a year."

Common cold symptoms include ▲ runny nose, ■ sore throat, itchy eyes, and fever.

A common cold is known as 'what happens when one of the about 200 viruses that cause symptoms is in physical contact with the body'. However, according to recent research, another reason for catching a cold is the long-lasting 'bruised cold'.

Yale's research team said, "The air that has become dry due to cold weather makes the mucous membranes of people (such as the nose and mouth) dry, which makes the cold symptoms worse." "Low temperatures can weaken the immune system in the nose," he added.

Of course, cold weather is not the main cause of colds. Other factors include:

1. Your age is too young or too many. Children under the age of six and elderly people over the age of 65 are susceptible to many viruses including colds.

2. Damage of the immune system. This includes not only young children whose immune systems have not yet developed, but also those suffering from chronic illness or malnutrition.

3. Smoking. According to research, smokers are easier to catch cold than non-smokers.

On the other hand, to overcome colds naturally, you can eat foods rich in vitamin C such as fruits and some vegetables. Of course, generic medicines can also be helpful, but only for short-term treatments.

The most important thing is to exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. Foods that are good for cold include fruits that contain vitamin C such as mandarin orange, apple, or orange, and foods that enhance immunity such as red ginseng.

Also, if you keep your tobacco away and exercise moderately, you can reduce the risk of mild illness such as a cold.

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