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[Issue] Acoustic interference, protection of marine animals in underwater construction site

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The Telegraph said in an article, "To prevent whales from approaching construction sites, the acoustic barriers currently in use in wind farms protect marine life in the north from potential damage, It helps to reduce, "he said.

North Atlantic Minke Whales are known to move away from the construction site in response to a company's acoustic interference device, according to a study conducted by wind power developer Orsted.

These underwater devices emit frequencies that whales can detect, allowing whales to bypass or accelerate to bypass the area and bypass the construction area.

Studies have shown that this response from whales will help builders reduce the cost of construction by allowing them to hire fewer people. Currently construction contractors are hiring people to block whales approaching construction sites.

According to research conducted by the German energy company Innogy using the acoustic interference device for marine structure development and by the British Carbon Trust, Alsted and Statoil, It has been found particularly useful in extreme environments and blurred vision. Acoustic interference devices are also effective for seals and dolphins.

Project manager Olivia Burke said, "The use of this acoustic disturbance will ultimately protect marine animals from accidents that may occur during underwater projects." "This study will further enhance the confidence of industry and regulatory agencies that use acoustic disturbance devices to actively implement marine mammal protection at the construction stage," he added.

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