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Sowa, a mammal of bovine cow found in Vietnam in 1992. It is one of the rarest animals in existence with the nickname "Asian unicorn" in its head. Introduce this endangered animal.


Saola (Saola) is a rare species found only in Laos and Annamite Mountains in Vietnam. As such, habitats are extremely limited in some areas and the number of animals is small. However, indiscriminate poaching and growing farming habitat are further reducing the problem.

William Robichaud, Coordinator of the Saola Working Group of the SWG of the International Union for Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission, said, "There is not enough time to save Sanola "He said. He pointed out that conservation breeding programs for hard-to-find species like Sabolla are facing difficulties, and that the threats to survival of animals are in even greater danger.

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Sanola has already been designated an endangered species by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) since 2006. According to IUCN, the population of Sanola has been declining for a long time due to poaching. The federation has also pointed out that the habitat of Saola is not fully protected from human hunting and that the population is also extremely low. In addition, as humans approach to the habitat area of ​​the Sana'a, the hunt and all these factors deteriorate the present situation. In particular, local residents in Laos and Vietnam are trapping or shooting for hunting, which is a major threat to the Sowa population.

In 2010, an attempt was made to capture an animal that appeared to be a male Sawala. The intentions of the capture in the case of Bolikhamxay in Laos were not disclosed, but experts pointed out that similar attempts have already been made since the 1990s to supply local zoos.

To date, it has been reported that Sawara hunting is the biggest threat to extinction. Experts have criticized Vietnam for its 90 million people and over one billion in China, a huge market for trafficking wildlife. In addition, in Asia, bears, tigers, and samba animals are poisoned because of their medicinal value. Traps, firearms, and dog hunting that are used in poaching are all murder weapons that can kill Sa'ola.

The SWG has criticized Sawara for its conservation efforts, but at the same time commercial poaching is still rampant. In order to combat this, we have now established the world's first Sowa breeding center in Bach Ma National Park in cooperation with the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. However, in order to breed and preserve, it is time to capture Sawara, which is hard to find at present. Since its first discovery in 1992, Sowa has succeeded in capturing only 10 animals. SWG also emphasized that a professional veterinarian and a survival center are also needed to survive in captivity.

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In the meantime, biologists have used camera traps to get images of Sauras. But the successful case is two times in Laos and three times in Vietnam. The most recently captured image was captured on the World Natural Fund (WWF) camera in Sao Lala Nature Reserve in Vietnam in 2013, and the WWF's Vietnamese branch president gave him a new hope that he could see Saola again He emphasized that he will concentrate his efforts on poaching, trafficking and habitat destruction in order to ensure the survival of Saola.

WWF removed the area's traps and hunting equipment shortly after the discovery of SaoLa, but later found that the SWG members, who explored the Sana'a sanctuary in Laos, found little evidence of hunting in the area. . In addition, another group working in partnership with SWG, the Integrated Conservation of Biodiversity and Forests, said it would form a patrol team to prevent threats from threatening Saola. They warned that it is imperative that the area inhabited by Sao Lala be protected so that the remaining species will soon disappear.

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