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People welcome dogs brought home with love, kindness, and patience. A puppy who arrives in a new house travels around the house, even if he is from an animal shelter or a breeder. And soon I get used to new places.

Most puppies go through this process. They will be adopted by their new owners and will be very careful during the first few days. A lucky puppy lives with a family for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately, not all dogs are lucky. Especially for mixed dogs, reality is more severe. These dogs do not receive the attention of people compared to breed dogs.

We all do not speak, but we know what will happen to dogs who have been abandoned by people and went to shelters. Most of these dogs are euthanized. If no one wants the dog, the dog will leave the world.

Of course, dogs do not want to be euthanized by animal shelters. However, these organizations are almost non-profit organizations and there is no choice because of space constraints. To further rescue other dogs, there is a dilemma about euthanizing dogs that have already been rescued and entered the shelter.

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Animal shelter without euthanasia

Recently, 'Do not buy and adopt', animal shelters are increasingly promoting the adoption of pets at animal shelters. People's perception about adoption of an organic dog or adoption of a Mix dog is gradually changing.

Animal shelters that do not allow euthanasia have also appeared. They are not dog breeds, but they focus on dogs' tendencies and characteristics and adopt them.

One of them is the Territorio de Zaguates in Costa Rica. It is a huge farm at the foot of the mountain where Lea Battle was founded, with 970 dogs living on about 378 acres.

The dogs that live here are all organic dogs and are rescued dogs. And here there are no necklines, no euthanasia. It's a no-kill protector. Dogs run around in wide fields.

The veterinarian at the shelter explained that most of the dogs entered the shelter were Mix dogs, and that Mix dogs are unique breeds with only one in the world. They are promoting the adoption of dogs and mix dogs by installing billboards at bus stops.

This shelter became increasingly popular. It is not the arbitrary 'lineage' or 'breed' created by humans, but each dog has a unique, special and lovely aspect. A number of dogs have been adopted by their new owners.

Battle says, "There is no animal that can not be loved. Is the snake not loved? Then I can love the snake. Is the toad unloved? Then I would love toad. "

The difficulty of the Nogil Shelter

Battle and her husband Alvaro Saumet originally made their home backyard an informal animal shelter and rescued the dogs. The rescue dogs were taken immediately to the vet. One rescue dog reached 30 and they moved to the farm.

A few years later, the number of dogs increased to 300. 80 of them rescued organic dogs in a shelter in the Costa Rican capital that were in a state of euthanasia. The dogs continued to increase.

It looks like a dog's paradise. However, as the number of individuals increases, the battle and the saum are suffering from economic difficulties. Also, the eyes of the farmers' neighbors are not very good.

Battle said, "This is the actual appearance of our society. People ask us why we are in trouble. I think what we do is right. Animal shelters with euthanasia are not the answer. "

Of course, the dogs of the Territory of Odesaguites are not all looking for a new home. However, it is better to stay where the dog does not find a home and is playing with friends rather than being euthanized.

One expert said, "The same shelter is different from where a dog is trapped in a steel or cage, and where you can play around with a wide field. The shelter established by Leia Battle is a great help for dogs' emotions. "

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