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There are some people who avoid common pets like dogs or cats. Instead of ordinary animals, choosing wild animals or exotic animals as new companions. It is becoming fashionable to grow unique animals, and people become more interested in new animals. But being an exotic animal is a problem and a risk factor.

Are you happy at the wildlife home?

Raising exotic animals is never easy. Compared to the universal pets adapted to living with humans, exotic animals express their behavior in the wild. Typical pet dogs lived together as a human companion, sometimes as a family member or as a worker. Cats, on the other hand, maintained a symbiotic relationship with humans in a more natural way.

Dogs and cats were often trapped in small spaces, but there was a lot of information for proper protection and management. There are also many agencies that can adopt dogs and cats.

Animals that are rapidly gaining popularity over the last 20 years include reptiles, amphibians, exotic birds such as parrots, mammals like Chilean rodents, and monkeys.

Unlike dogs and cats, those who are known as unusual pets need adaptation to live with people. Special training is needed for breeding, but it is difficult for the owner to solve.

In addition to dogs and cats, animals such as rabbits and rodents are rated as suitable pets for children, but lack the information they need to raise these animals. Because of the ignorance of the owner and the innate behavior of the animal, the expectation of the owner is changed, and the animal is far from happiness.

Legal issues regarding the sale of exotic animals

The reality of being able to buy exotic animals or wild animals online, at specialty stores, auctions, or private breeders can be a problem. While raising exotic animals causes human and animal happiness issues, there are very few regulations that can regulate them.

Until now, workshops have been held on whether or not to own an exotic animal. While animal rights activists claim that these animals should be placed in nature, pet lovers are arguing that they can provide adequate protection. Claiming ownership of exotic animals and opposing sanctions.

Wild parrot showing different characteristics from species to species

Macaws and Cockatoo belong to the large parrot family. Parrots are very intelligent and can live for up to 80 years. Sometimes they have the same characteristics as neurosis, and when they do not have good health, they behave abnormally. Large parrot species are self-inflicted by pulling their feathers when they are mentally painful. For that reason, proper protection of parrots can be tricky and you will have to build a new house many times that parrots will love.

The African Gray Parrot proved its intelligence, cognitive ability and communication ability through various studies. If you are a dedicated master, you can fill the cognitive and social needs of the African Gray Parrot. The Amazon parrot, on the other hand, is known to experience mental pain if it does not provide adequate cages. Each of these parrot species has different ways of getting tired.

Another problem that arises when raising wild parrots is illegal trade. It involves capture and transportation, and the process is being done unethically. Wild parrots fly most of the time, interact with other species, and collect food. If this parrot is at home, you can not fly in the sky or communicate with other parrots. When placed in a narrow cage for more than 10 hours, wild parrots show repetitive movements and behave abnormally, such as biting the cage.

Relatively small species can be more economical in terms of food and purchasing, and can more easily address the social and spatial needs of their owners. On the other hand, the Connie and Laurie kittens should have a special juice. It is a relatively inexpensive transaction, and many people are easily brought in.

Although popular, but lack of knowledge, reptiles and amphibians

It is difficult to count the number of reptile pets currently being raised worldwide. It is estimated at least tens of millions. In the United States alone, it imports 2 million reptiles per year and exports 200-4 million turtles. The European Union is also a large-scale reptile trading market, importing 6.7 million varieties between 2005 and 2007.

Numerous scholars are concerned about the trade in capturing and trading reptiles in the wild. Experts also believe that reptiles and amphibians are unsuitable as pets, raising ethical issues in the dealings of these species. Reptiles and amphibians need special food and behavioral habits are quite different from common pets.

Moreover, it lacks basic knowledge such as temperature and humidity that animals need. If you raise reptiles and amphibians without basic knowledge, you may be exposed to danger as well as animals.

Rodents and rabbits requiring health care

Rabbits are popular pets in the United Kingdom and the United States. But rabbits are not for everyone. When raising rabbits, you should also know the correct information about proper cages, vaccinations, and food.

The rabbits mainly suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases and edema. Myxomatosis and rabbit hemorrhagic disease also suffer from severe pain before they die from a fatal disease that rabbits can take. Therefore, it is necessary to vaccinate each year.

Improper handling makes the rabbit behave abnormally and shorten its life span. When raising a rabbit, you should provide something safe, such as a stick or a box that you can eat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Exotic Pets

Exotic animals such as pythons and chimpanzees can threaten humans and other animals. Reptiles and rodents Some species, lynxes, and desert foxes are also dangerous animals. Endangered species such as chimpanzees, pythons, bigcats, and crocodiles are not suitable for home raising.

There are also exotic pets that do not need much care compared to regular pets like dogs or cats. Lizards and frogs, spiders, and even snakes also require cheap basic cages and food, and minimal health care. It is enough to put a few dragons and rocks in an aquarium. It is suitable for people who want to raise animals easily in apartment.

Exotic animals are suitable for modern people who have little time to devote to pets because of their strong independence. For example, lizards and snakes do not need to touch their heads, and peonies and frogs do not have to grow together.

There is no hair or feathers and it is hypoallergenic and infectious diseases are extremely rare. However, reptiles can cause diseases such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and salmonella.

Today, there are many exotic animals and wildlife in the home, and the number is growing. On the other hand, owners do not get accurate information and do not get what animals need. When animals are raised, they must acquire the necessary things and endure the difficulties. Let the animals that are not suitable for raising at home freely live in nature.

In countries like the Philippines, animal protectionists are legally regulating the raising of alien species and wildlife because of the issues raised by animal rights activists. There is a need to create an environment in which a legitimate system can be developed so that exotic animals without aggression can be raised and raised under the responsibility of the owner.

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