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[Issue] Butterfly, bring different visual characteristics depending on gender


Biologists at the University of California, Irvine in the United States have found that certain species of butterflies have different eyes depending on their sex.

Because of the evolutionary characteristics associated with sex, female and male butterflies have different visual information.

This work has been published in molecular biology and evolutionary journals and has made an important contribution to evolutionary biology.

Because it revealed a new fact that the butterfly's eyes were changed by selective environmental factors.

Adriana Brisco, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of California, Ayala, School of Biological Sciences, analyzed structural components of butterfly eyes and genes that control color-sensing photoreceptors.

Studies have shown that the species called Heliconius erato has a unique visual photoreceptor, depending on the sex.

The eyes of the female and male are distinctly different.

Females have two types of ultraviolet opsin genes.

UVRh1 and UVRh2.

Males do not have UVRh1.

The researchers were shocked by this breakthrough study.

It is the first and only present creature in the world of butterflies.

"It has been proved that the male and female red-spot alacopter butterfly look at the world through different eyes," Brisco said.

He explained, "Depending on the color preference of the moisture transporter, in this case the butterfly, it can have a significant effect on the color evolution of the flowers they visit."

"Flowers can evolve and turn into a color that butterflies can see. The gender of butterflies is a factor in this interaction. "

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