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[Issue] Tips for eliminating lizards in your home

Photo Source: Wikimedia

We will show you how to eliminate lizards living in your home.

There are other methods besides the commonly used egg shell method.

The first thing to do is to clean and ventilate the room to get rid of the lizards' insects.

Clean the corners of the wall where the floor and ceiling meet, and remove the spider that feeds the lizard. Lizards usually live in dark places, so it is good to clean the cupboards and furniture.

Lizards do not show any movement if there is a sudden change in temperature.

The cold paralyzes the body of a lizard. If you find a lizard crawling on the wall, try spraying ice cold water. When the lizard hit by the cold water stops moving, it can be picked up lightly and put in the trash can or leave it outside the sunshine.

It is good to raise cats because cats eat rats and lizards.

It may be a good idea to try a lizard suppressor that produces ultrasonic waves that lizards dislike.

All windows are screened and filled with small holes next to the window, and a rubber sealant is placed on the bottom of the door to prevent the lizard from coming into the house through a small gap.

One of the most misguided common ways of preventing lizards from getting into the house is to keep egg shells scattered around the house, especially near doors or windows.

The lizard does not like the smell of eggs, so even if you change the eggshell every week, the lizard will never get inside the house.

Lizards have a very sensitive sense of smell, so you can use garlic or onions in addition to eggs. Garlic can be placed all around the house or hanged near doors or windows to prevent the entry of insects. If you can tolerate the smell, it is a good idea to garlic or onion with water to make a liquid and spray it around the house.

Spicy spray can also be made directly from pepper or chili powder in water. You can also use tapasco sauce instead of black pepper and put it behind the cupboard or closet.

The pockets containing naphthalene and phenyl are strong odors and can be used as a lizard remover if placed on a shelf or cupboard.

The lack of lizards in the house means that there are no moth-like insects that eat clothes, experts said.

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