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It is not so easy to be interested in reading. It is because the visual media such as smart phones, games, and TV have completely captured the eyes of children. Nevertheless, it is the parents' willingness to turn the attention of children into books.

Children's reading ability is more important than education. Reading ability not only increases academic performance, but also affects personality, personality, and friendship. It also improves the concentration of children. If you sit alone and read a book, you will develop your imagination and creativity, and you will develop empathy for others.

For young children, it is most important to make reading fun. If you realize that books are fun, you can love them and you can develop good reading habits in the future. Here are five ways to make children interested in reading.

Get one place

If children can read books comfortably, it is good to be in the house. Being able to read at any time will help you understand the nature of reading. A book is good and it is good to borrow. Create a small library in your house and fill it with good quality books. It is important to continuously expose the books of various genres that suit your taste.

2 Use movies

One of the most effective ways to open your eyes to reading is film. If you look at the movie, you will naturally fall into the character of the movie. At this time, if parents show books related to movies, children can have time to enjoy adventure with movie characters.

3 Read the book

It does not matter if the child reads Hangul well. It is generally said that it is helpful for parents to read books until they are 10 years old. Let's have time for parents to read books, especially before they fall asleep at night. It is important that children repeat themselves until they read the book. This habit not only stimulates interest in reading, but also gives parents and children a chance to build a bond. Stimulate curiosity with books that suit your age and interests. Repeating these times will help the child realize that reading is a more entertaining recreation time than play and helps to build good reading habits.

4 Visit the library with your child

A library with all kinds of books can be a haven for a child. When many people quietly read a book, a child can naturally stimulate their desire for reading. The important thing here is that you have to visit a nearby library and have your children choose their books. If you have a lot of books that parents have picked up at home, you can feel more fun reading books if you choose a book that fits your interests.

5 Set an example

Expression and communication are the most essential elements in developing reading and writing skills. Show your children the joy and fun of being buried in a book. Parents First, concentrate on reading the book, then tell the child about the plot and character of the book, or about the ending of the story. Children's interest in reading becomes even greater with the appearance of parents. Parents are not at all effective when they see a smartphone and tell their child to read. Do not forcibly read. For children, it is hard to see the effect of forcing reading.

Effect of Reading

According to a number of studies related to reading, reading has a reduced risk of developing depression. If you read the book, you can feel the peace and feel the boom. Reading is also a guide to a new world. You can go anywhere in your imagination without having to worry about depleting the battery or passing through the charging station.

It can also be anything you want in a book. You can read a fantasy novel and become a hero or a villain, or you can imagine imagining a criminal by reading a novel. All of these imaginations help children to develop their problem-solving skills and creativity.

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