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[Parenting] Batman effect necessary for child care

Source: Pixar Bay

Batman is not only a child's superhero, but also a parent's superhero.

It is not easy to raise a child's patience and mentality. Especially if your child is exposed to the latest artifacts, such as computers or smartphones. Children will flee with the latest technology if they think their situation is difficult. Also, the time to concentrate becomes shorter and shorter. Children lose interest in things they can not understand or can not easily accomplish. So how does Batman work in this situation?

According to a study in the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Research, the ability to continue challenging tasks is highly correlated with high intelligence, high academic achievement, and improved work performance. Parents should give their children patience. Otherwise, if the child grows up and judges that he can not finish what he has to do, he is likely to be an adult who gives up easily.

To use the Batman effect, first ask your child who character he likes most. Make sure that your child's favorite characters are characters that work diligently to solve difficult things like Batman. Then ask your child to think about what he or she would do if the child likes it, and make it follow the child. Ask the child what he is doing now, and call the child in the name of the child's favorite character.

Studies conducted in the Children's Development Journal show that children perform best when given the Batman effect. Giving children the character of diligent character, the children followed it with confidence.

If your child is having difficulty in solving the task, it should help the child to develop mental strength in any small matter. So that when a child encounters an obstacle in the future, he or she can have the confidence to jump on it.

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