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[Parenting] Sleep, health and direct connection .. How to fix children’s bad sleep habits

(Source: Pixar Bay)

Sleep is a big part of life. Without sleep, it can not function efficiently and productively. A lack of sleep affects not only mental and cognitive functions, but also looks.

Sleep quality is especially important for growing children. Today, however, most children spend considerable time watching TV, playing video games, and using smartphones.

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Sleep deprivation in modern children

"Sleep has a significant impact on the immune response, so it has a big impact on children," said Monica Rossstein, a psychologist. "Many children are unstable in stress and often fall asleep or get up in the middle of the night." Studies have shown that modern children have less sleeping time than children a generation ago. One of the reasons is the habit before going to bed.

Instead of running outdoors with their peers in recent years, kids spend more time using their mobile phones, such as browsing social media pages or playing mobile apps, and going beyond sleeping hours.

These factors, which affect sleep deprivation, make many children irritable, swarming, and aggressive. On the other hand, children with adequate sleep time are good at school, follow instructions, and build relationships with peers.

(Source: Pixar Bay)

Improve sleep time for children

"The ability to perform, including concentration, memory and organization, and ability to follow directions are closely related to sleep," Dr. Rossstein said. "Sleep is important for children's learning and development."

In particular, good sleep habits of children begin with parents, so they should develop good sleep habits for their children's happiness. Here are some tips for that.

1. Keep your sleep time constant. A two - year - old can not tell the exact time yet, but he knows his sleep time because of his bio clock. I have to get into the habit of sleeping regularly at regular times like every night.

2. Build a sleeping environment. The use of electronic devices should be restricted during sleeping hours. Also, before going to bed, you should brush your teeth and tell the story. This helps maintain a consistent and peaceful sleeping time.

3. You should avoid taking a nap close to sleeping time. It usually takes about 1 to 3 hours for an infant to sleep, but it is best not to sleep at night when it is close to sleeping time. Because it prevents you from falling asleep at night.

4. It is good to go out at sleeping time. "Parents should avoid exposure to overly bright light before sleeping," said Dr. Lamy D. Akasem of the University of Colorado. "It's good to have a cave-like atmosphere, said.

5. Encourage daytime physical activity for children. Daytime activities mean outdoor physical activity, such as running and cycling, playing with friends in the neighborhood, and playing in the yard.

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