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[Parenting] Climate change threatens biodiversity in Antarctica

Photo: Wikimedia

We all know that the climate of the world is changing in a dangerous way. This is no longer news. The Internet is full of articles and debates about how to minimize the causes and adverse effects of climate change. If you do not implement methods to protect the remaining flora and fauna and to prevent climate change, you will face a catastrophe.

Antarctica has already experienced one of the dreadful effects of climate change. This area has historically suffered warming. This is a common phenomenon. But this year's warming has lasted a long time. At this time the ice should begin to thicken but the temperature is warmer than usual and the ice has not thickened enough. This is not a good sign. This can cause the ice lumps and ice floes to collapse.

A recent study by NASA's Earth Science team found that about 2,200 square miles of icebergs collapsed, comparable to the size of the state of Delaware, USA. Icebergs may be left as one piece, but the small fragments have already melted into the warmer seas.

This data shows how dangerous climate change is. This phenomenon is particularly deadly, especially since most Antarctic animals rely on cold climates and their habitat.

According to scientists, animals are deeply affected by change. As the number of animals fighting for reduced territory and food increases, the providence of nature can be reversed.

Polar bears are one of the animals affected by the rapid warming of the area. Polar bears are difficult to find food because of the strong winds.

Jasmin Lee, a Queensland researcher, said, "If the fastest possible climate change is not prevented, more indigenous species can be affected and severely damage nature."

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