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If the dog is stressed or threatened, bite the opponent. But cats are not. The cat suddenly turns around and bites his hand even after receiving the owner's hand.

According to experts, the reason the cat suddenly strokes the hand of the person who stroked it means 'stop touching now'. In most cases, human touch overloads the cats' sensitive sensory organs.

Too much 'stroking'

The cat enjoys the touch for the first few minutes when the owner begins to strok herself. But soon the stimulus becomes too much. It is like burning a tickler to a person. At first, it is a funny joke, but if you continue to burn tickling, the person who gets tired is getting tired.

If the cat feels too much stimulation, it can be removed. Why do you bite your hands without doing so? According to animal behavior experts, cats tend to warn rather than avoid uncomfortable positions in personality. So break your hand to touch it.

But not all cats are attacking 'bite' on excessive touches. In addition, the force of the cat 's hand is very weak, and in most cases, it does not cause injury.

However, when a cat passes through adolescence, its strength goes beyond its reflexive limits. In other words, the cat is intended to bite slightly, but the skin of a person can also be damaged. Experts said the cat's leg muscles moved farther away from the feedback reflex at this time.

What if a stray cat bites?

Be careful if you are bitten by a stray cat. Stray cats are likely to carry a variety of diseases.

A Australian woman suffered from meningitis, blood poisoning and brain edema after biting a stray cat. Fortunately, he has begun to recover, but he has to fight swelling for months.

Her doctor and neurologist continue to observe the condition. The patient has already been tested several times and has taken several medications to prevent the brain from swelling.

How to deal with cat biting

Cat's teeth are so sharp that they can be deeply embedded in the skin. Joints and muscles can be injured. In addition, there are various kinds of bacteria in the mouth of a cat.

It is difficult to thoroughly disinfect the deep wound. Our body tends to get rid of bacteria soon after it hurts. Therefore, the wound area should be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant and antibacterial soap. At this time, the hydrogen peroxide solution can be utilized.

If the bleeding is severe at the wound site, you should stop bleeding by squeezing the blood vessel. Wrap the wound with a clean bandage and go to the hospital immediately.

There is also a risk of rabies and tetanus. Note that even if the wound is small, the germs may have penetrated.

If you are infected with a cat, the wound will be reddened and painful. In the second half of the infection, fever, weakness, lymphadenopathy, and headache will occur.

Cat warning

Except for the situation where you are playing with a cat, you should look carefully at the voice signals the cats are sending under normal circumstances. If the so-called "mandibles" that make the cat hiss, it stops acting and falls away from the cat. If the cat's pupil is enlarged or the ears and whiskers are turned backward and the tail is lowered and the back is arched, it should be noted that this is an obvious warning signal.

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