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Human life is full of misunderstandings and fights. However, there are a few cases of pets that are the main cause of fighting and disputes. Your relationship with your lover, family, or friend should not deteriorate because of your puppy!

So it is very important to understand other loving people who are not very interested in pets and take good measures. Let's see how we can find a solution without disputing with them.

Disagreement caused by puppy, wise behavior

According to one source, the number of controversies caused by puppies in human life is as high as 2,000. In other words, many of these 2,000 can lead to internal conflicts with family or lovers. This allows you to know how much care you need to raise a pet.

Anyway, this debate should not be the cause of the end of the relationship with others. We suggest several ways to cope wisely in situations caused by puppies.

1. Communication is the most important key - but good communication. If you have a new relationship with a new person, it is better to remind the person in advance of how much the puppy is important to you. Especially if you use a bed with a puppy. If you ignore these points and make a relationship, then you can get into conflicts with each other.

On the other hand, if someone is already in a stable relationship, you should refrain from taking actions that make the moment you take with the puppy unnatural. Even for a situation that is natural for you, it is not for the other person. Even if you want to put on a new pet, it is good to adopt it after thorough discussion with your opponent.

2. Need wisdom to look at the root of the problem, not the reaction of the other - Do not think that a family member or a lover complains about a puppy that they do not like the puppy or that there is a problem with the behavior of the pet. Instead, it is good to try to change the behavior of the puppy through training or to try to solve the problem by removing the items that the puppy can touch.

3. A good way to get professional help - If you are unfamiliar with dog training, you can find a dog trainer or veterinarian and get counseling and training. It is also wise to leave them with dogs that over-scratch, bark, and act aggressively.

4. Accepting that you are different from yourself - Let's hope that early on in your dog will change your thoughts and values ​​in your family or your lover and try not to cause the puppy to worsen your relationship. However, if there is a single person who likes a dog, it is not too bad to go into a persuasion work.

The story of Crystal and Max

Pet Groomer Crystal Gibson has published a story about himself and his husband, Max, in a medium. Max is a Frenchman who does not like dogs. In pets, neither of them had in common.

Crystal married Max and adopted a few pets, which of course was a pain for Max. The cats would be nervous when they saw the hairs buried in their clothes. In addition to these tense situations, Crystal said he would only cover all the expenses associated with pets, but he still did not change his mind.

But Max did not care about the pet itself. Crystal said that Max would take care of the pets if he went elsewhere on the trip, even under these circumstances. Crystal wanted Max to love pets as much as he loved. He said that Max understood that he loved pets and wanted to endure this situation.

These prizes must be traced back to childhood. Crystal grew up in a pet home and had a loving environment, but Max had all the memories of a guard dog on the farm.

Crystal also said that Max never had the passion for a puppy, but he did not let his passion pass.

In conclusion, not everyone can have the same passion as the same opinion. But these things are not enough to break the relationship. It is important to communicate well and understand each other's values ​​and thoughts. Keep in mind that you can not change each other's minds, but you can tolerate the other's preferences.

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