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Disciplining a child is a difficult task. It is especially hard to discipline a child who is not a child. As an adult, it is often the case that a child is faced with a moment of inadequate behavior, but it is not easy to be self-correcting. However, immature children often act unconsciously at any time. If this unusual behavior is dangerous or harmful, it is not right to just watch it.

If you have parents who are worried about this, you should keep in mind that it is best to take action. If you recognize that your child's behavior as an adult, not your parents, is followed by your own social responsibilities, your mind can be more relaxed. It must be disciplined in a positive direction other than severe discipline.

Discipline as an adult, not a parent

It is very tricky to tell a child other than his / her child about the presence of a mistake. Some parents may accept it as an attack or criticism of their parenting. Some parents do not even care and do not care at all. Indeed, according to a survey conducted by the US Today Show, only about 52% of parents voted to discipline another child.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that parents do not actively criticize school discipline or discipline from teachers. It is accepted as teacher 's rights and duties by the speciality of school and teacher. It is a good idea to recognize that it is important to have the consequences and responsibilities of a child as an adult to the child's misconduct regardless of the profession of the teacher.

Also, if you have already witnessed a threatening and dangerous situation, it is advisable to immediately discipline the perpetrator's child. It is wiser to intervene to prevent this from happening, for example, by pretending not to know the other victim when you see behavior or aggressive behavior that can hurt other children, such as throwing things or pushing or hitting them.

In addition, it may happen that you can play with violence at home and destroy or disturb other goods. At this time, too, parents need to intervene, and the child can better understand that the behavior can not be tolerated by seeing the parents discipline not only themselves but also other children. And it is good to make the children obey the rules that they should keep at home. If you have not followed the rules, you should also be able to immediately intervene and tell them what went wrong. Through this, children can realize that their home is different from their home, and there are rules that they must obey.

Harassment, which is becoming more and more serious, is also a big problem in the community and schools. Cyberbullying through social media is also on the rise, so when you witness such harassment, you should be able to calibrate your behavior so that it does not cause any bigger problems. Do not overlook the fact that bullying or bullying can affect your entire community and that your child can become a victim at any time.

Children's behavior correction plan

Once you have intervened, you should be able to correct the bad behavior immediately. But it's not really easy because you have to let your kids know what you did wrong and tell them what the consequences are from those mistakes. Also, this behavior can be the responsibility of the parents, and they should not be ignored.

To do this, we must respond to the child in a very calm, at the same time, decisive and confident manner. The child should be able to ask questions about the cause of the behavior and the consequences of the action. What is most important is that the child must be able to grasp the impact of his or her actions on others. It is not, and only the parents who scold oneself can drive to the bad person.

Also, as adults, children must be able to demonstrate exemplary behavior before they can take such action. And if your child is doing something wrong, you should be able to get discipline from other parents at any time. In this way, parents can build a well-educated community of children by sharing information and helping each other.

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