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If there is one of the most difficult things for parents who raise children, it is just going to bed. It is almost impossible for children who are watching toys or cartoon movies during the day to easily abandon all of them and go to bed. Parents are rewarded to put their children on time in a variety of strategies. Let's take a look at the importance of children's sleep and how parents can do it.

Sleep deprivation in children

Having a healthy bedtime to keep children protected can have tremendous mental and physical effects. For example, you can play with your friends more actively, improve your friendship, and improve your learning abilities at school. This is evident in a study conducted at Zurich University Hospital.

The researchers examined the effects of sleep deprivation for children aged 5 to 12 years, and found that the brain area of ​​the children who had hardly slept was damaged. In particular, the damage to the back region of the brain responsible for spatial reasoning, planned movement, and interest was greatest. Research author Salomkus explained that the sleep process is related to the brain wiring in childhood, affecting brain maturation.

Another study noted that sleep deprivation among teenagers can lead to dangerous and suicidal behavior. The study observe and analyze the participants' sleeping periods and classified high-risk behaviors after more than 8 hours, 7 hours, 6 hours, or 6 hours. As a result, shorter sleep times were more likely to cause dangerous behaviors such as drunken driving, aggressive behavior, unsafe sex, alcohol and tobacco use, and other drug use.

In addition, teenagers who were unable to sleep six hours each night had planned suicidal thoughts or attempted suicide. Previous research has shown that the number of high school students taking less than eight hours of sleep has increased, according to Matthew Weaver, an instructor at Harvard Medical School. The study further supports analysis of risk behavior through detailed sleep information.

To cope with your child's sleeping behavior problem,

Parents should be aware that their children are unable to manage their time on their own, and should be able to provide active guidance for their child's adequate sleep. Moreover, if the parents do not lead the child properly, the child's sleeping behavior can get worse. Here are some strategies that parents can do.

1. Establish sleeping rules: Make sure your child notifies you of your bedtime and that you are following them well. If you follow the rules properly, your children will quickly become accustomed to this schedule and less likely to cause other problems.

2. Raising a healthy sleeping habit: Most children are still unable to get to the place where they are playing. It means it is not ready to go to bed, so it is important for parents to control their activities before bedtime. For example, to restrict the use of TVs or video games.

Some parents mistakenly think their children will be asleep as they watch TV, but a study published in 2013 shows that watching TV sometimes slows children's sleep. It is also not good to see natural disasters, accidents, or tragic news. Instead, it is much better to encourage your child to read easily.

3. Together Together: Parents should be aware of why their child is having a bedtime problem. One of the most common factors is fear and fear that children may think that their imagination has a monster under the bed or in the closet. Parents should help to overcome these fears.

4. Consistently responding to behavioral problems: If you have found behavior problems for your parents or children, you should keep your sleeping rules consistent until behavior is refrained.

5. Reward good behavior: Children should be rewarded and recognized for good behavior. This can be a motivation to make bedtime compliant. If you are older, use a little more time to play video games, so that infants use materials that have a visual effect that can attract the child's attention.

However, if all these strategies fail, it is best to seek professional counseling. It is advisable to get advice that is helpful to the specialist so that the child can maintain mental and physical health.

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