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With the development of technology, society is changing rapidly and new side effects are emerging. One of them is harassment, bullying, etc. Parents should always be able to observe carefully so that their children can live safely without being involved in these things at school. The child may be the subject of harassment or, on the contrary, may be the perpetrator. To prevent this from happening in advance, you should be able to teach your child to be aware of the negative effects of harassment.

Harassment among children

Today, bullying and bullying also occur among young children and they are becoming a big social problem. Parents should always check the child's behavior and make sure that they are properly trained. The Media Media Colloid Today reported that about one in five children were suffering from such harassment, which can affect adults as well. Here are the signs that bullying and bullying can occur in other ways than aggressive behavior:

1. Inequality of power: Children must learn that they are all equal regardless of their physical appearance or status. Harassment occurs when you physically believe you are strong, or when you have access to information that may be harassing your opponent, abusing your strength to harm or control it.

2. Repetitive: Harassment is a recurring phenomenon, not a one-time event. It also hurts physically, mentally and emotionally. Forms can vary in language, physical and emotional abuse. In the United States, about 25% of students are bullied in the form of hitting, pushing, gossiping, intimidation, or exclusion.

Talk to your child about harassment

In fact, harassment does not happen only at school. Family education is especially important because it can be seen in any group, community, and community, including workplaces. When you get this education at a young age, you can clearly see the difference between right and wrong, which is helpful when you grow up.

At this time, the role of the parent is most important. What should be taught to inform parents so that they can always protect and identify their children, even if they are not next to their children. Here are some ways you can teach your child about harassment.

1. Early age and frequent communication: The best way to solve harassment is to prevent it from happening in the first place. It is important to understand what bullying is and how it affects others. Studies suggest that they can understand these topics from the age of three.

2. Parent role modeling to respect everyone: Children do not recognize the right and wrong of action without learning. In doing so, they acquire and imitate the actions of the surrounding people, at which time the parent must be a role model. If children recognize that they behave well to others, they follow it. Likewise, if parents are rude to others, they perceive it as normal behavior.

3. Being interested in your child's social life: In addition to having children eat healthy food and get the best education, parents should also be involved and interested in the child's social life. This can play a big role in helping the child talk to his parents about his problems and ask for help. So, if you know who your child 's friends are and how they interact with you and you see signs of bullying, you have to come up with measures.

4. Teaching Conflict Management: It is very important to teach your child how to recognize bullying or harassment and how to solve it. Encourage your child to properly report the situation he or she is facing, and to report it immediately if you witness the case of others.

Influence of Harassment

Harassment and bullying have negative effects. This experience of childhood can cause mental health impairments such as anxiety or depression or a drop in self-esteem due to negative influences. One study found that children who were harassed by their peers were more negatively affected than children who were abused by adults.

In addition, there are children who are silent without talking aggressively because of trauma. If this is the case, it is wise to get help from an expert.

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