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[Parenting] Farming Agents, Bigger Urban Farms

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

Children living in the city have little opportunity to touch the earth as well as grow vegetables.

The new 'gardening education' has a very positive effect on students.

It is a new thing to cultivate crops directly in the inner yard of the city, where there is not much room for farmland.

For those who live a busy life without the snow, it is hard to plant and cultivate crops.

This is why urban farmers exist for families and businesses who want to cultivate home-grown crops without physical effort.

Jean Nolan and her husband Bird are located in Chicago, USA and run The Organic Gardener, a company that grows crops. Nolan says her company offers a kind of "farming coaching" service that tells customers how to farm.

"Hundreds of customers are not very happy to grow their own garden," she said.

In fact, some of these "coaches who tell you how to take care of your garden" include farming experience, landscape architects with professional skills, and some just like to care for their own gardens.

On the other hand, there are corporate clients such as apartment complexes, grocery stores, schools, shopping malls, and baseball courts.

A similar group of companies located in Boston, Green City Glowers, is responsible for planting crops at Fenway Park. The crops grown at the ballpark are provided to baseball fans who watch the game, and some are donated to charities.

Over time, many customers are interested in participating directly in the farming process.

This kind of service is not cheap, but it is not necessarily expensive to think about the fact that you can have the experience of raising your own crops and the knowledge of farming in the process.

"I hope that with the help of these downtown farmers, we can have a good diet and have a positive impact on the environment," said Jesse van Hahs, founder and CEO of Green City Grouse.

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